3 Reasons to Add Multilingual Options to Your Phone System

We have all at one point called a business and heard the option to choose foreign languages. A native English speaker may not realize how vital this service is to someone who is not a native English speaker. There are many benefits and reasons as to why your phone system needs to have multilingual recordings, here are 3.


Customer Satisfaction

You want your customers to feel welcome and important. For those who speak a foreign language it can be difficult to communicate effectively in a language you are not proficient in. This fact is even more true when it comes to conducting business on the phone. If a customer could call in, and first listen to a menu in their chosen language and then speak to live agent in that language, it breaks down all barriers. Your company is accessible to them. There is no better to way make a customer feel welcome than to speak their language. An additional feature that can be an added touch is the ability to connect the customer to a voicemail in their language. This makes the entire phone experience completely seamless and efficient.


Financial Benefits

Every business will eventually need to meet the needs of a non-English speaker. In a country as diverse as the United States this is a given. If a company is having issues communicating with customers, they are sure to lose business. How can a customer stay if they cannot be understood? Being understood is a basic human need, it is essential. Some companies have been known to outsource and use a language line service. However, this is not a viable option. As language line companies are separate entities it is difficult to control the customer service experience. The ongoing cost of outsourcing language services are likely to be more costly than adding language options to your phone system.

Save Time

Time is a one of our most valuable resources; it is the one thing no one ever seems to have enough of. If it takes multiple calls for a customer to complete a business transaction due to a language barrier, this is simply inefficient. First it is frustrating to the customer, who should not have make multiple calls for something that may take an English speaker one call. The situation is also not efficient for employees. Granted employees can’t be expected to speak multiple languages, but they need efficient resources to be able to serve all customers; no matter the language.

Customers who are greeted in their language will appreciate the extra effort and attention given to them and increase their satisfaction. High CSAT will increase loyalty and referrals. By implementing additional foreign languages in your phone system, you can keep customers happy and coming back, increase profits, and make handling a segment of your callers more efficient.  Truly a winning combination. 


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