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Multilingual Communication: Breaking Language Barriers Opens Wallets

The modern business world is global in scope. With the advent of online marketing and rapid international shipping, any business stands to gain new markets, provided the potential customer can understand what that business offers. Using multilingual communication in your business is essential for any company wishing to expand beyond a local or regional scope.

Breaking Language Barriers in Business Opens More WalletsBy way of promulgating awareness,  here is a breakdown of some of the most commonly spoken languages and the populations a company can exploit to drive sales.

According to Listverse, Mandarin Chinese is spoken by more than 1 billion people world-wide. Most commonly spoken in Asia, South Africa also has a significant Chinese speaking population. Never rule out the possibility of domestic Chinese business, either. China is emerging as an aggressive economic powerhouse, in spite of recent downturns. Your company needs to speak to this market.

Spanish is spoken by approximately 392 million people across the world, from Europe to South America. Mexico is emerging as a new tech manufacturing center, and South American business ranges from agricultural production to software development. If your company can’t communicate with Spanish-speaking companies or individuals, those people will choose a company that can. Thanks to French colonialism, the language is spoken by about 129 million people across the world. 

Russian is another language rapidly gaining influence on the world stage. Over 277 million people speak the language, and many of those people have an awful lot of money to spend. If you have a unique product to sell, you may want to consider breaking into this language market.

For more information about how your business can break language barriers, contact us and allow one of our experts to put together a foreign language marketing plan for you.




Facts Courtesy of Listverse

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