hospitality message on hold

Why Your Hotel Needs Message On Hold

For most of us, being on hold isn’t exactly at the top of the list of our favorite ways to spend a few minutes. In this day and age, however, it’s sometimes unavoidable as a call is being transferred or held in a queue. Keeping hold time interesting and informative for your guests by including key information in your Message On Hold program can improve your customer experience, and therefore affect your hotel ratings.

Here are a few things to consider including in a hold message:


Offer brief descriptions of popular local attractions and events. Keep messages current to reflect new and upcoming events will show that you’re on top of your game, and want your guests to make the most out of their stay.


Describe a few best-selling dishes from your hotel restaurant, and note any important info, such as the hours room service is available, and how to order food.



Include helpful information in your message. Try to answer questions before they are asked. Does your hotel have a fitness room or spa? Are there washers and dryers available for guests to use? Does your TV include movie channels or pay-per-view?


You don’t want to launch into a long lecture, but why not include a brief snippet of fun local color into your hold message? Tell how your city got its name, or note local produce it is known for.


Does your hotel offer shuttle services to airports, downtown, or tourist attractions? Is there a public bus or subway stop just a block away? Give brief information on how to get around. You don’t want to necessarily dictate entire bus schedules, but give a breakdown, and let guests know where to find more specific information. 

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