What Your Brand Image Is Missing

As a business owner, you want to make sure the many moving parts don’t lose sight of the overarching mission and your brand image stays consistent. Your brand does have its own identity, which leads to the whole brand image. A brand’s image should be created based upon who your target audience is, what you do, and how you see your company.

One critical task is aligning your phone systems voice (IVR, Auto Attendant, Virtual Receptionist, Voice Prompts, Message On Hold) with your brand.  Your brand is the vision, meaning, and value you bring to current and potential customers.  We want to make sure our products are highlighting and contributing to your brand. If the quality of the audio and interaction is solid, your brand image is enhanced as they perceive your commitment to excellence in everything you do.

The traditional four human senses are something that take a vital role in creating your brand image. The image is based upon what customers see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Depending on your industry these may not all be possible. The more unified these traditional senses become for a client or prospect, the more unified your brand image. 

For example, if you have an automobile manufacturing company your target audience is most likely a higher percentage of male callers. Even if you do have females calling they would most likely expect a male to answer the phone. Therefore, your brand persona aligns best with a strong, confident, and helpful male. To create the unified brand persona you would probably prefer a male voice to greet your callers. The professional male voice should appear on all your phone system features. Not only should the voice greet the callers, but they should hear it on hold and throughout their calling experience. If you produce any visual content you want to assure what a client hears when calling aligns with what they are seeing in the video. 

Brand Identities are not created overnight. It can take years to create a unified brand identity. Even after you’ve finally created a brand identity it could be time to change it. Brand identity is something that can always use improvement.

With increased competition and constantly evolving technology, you can’t afford to rest on your laurels and allow interactions to slip in quality. Whether it’s adding quality audio, professional tracks, a pleasant voice, or even a little humor into your phone systems voice, we aim to make sure each customer hangs up impressed. Technology and mobile communications have created a consumer that demands ubiquitous quality. Alternatives to quality are always only one online search away.


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