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What Gender Should Your Voiceover Be?

When you’re investing time and energy into your marketing and creating new content, you want it to be effective. Every detail from the colors, used – to the voice has an effect on your audience. Choosing the right gender for your brand voice can be a tricky decision. We’ve created a list of things to consider before choosing a voice for your next video, phone recording, and radio spot.


Male vs Female Voiceover.jpgWhat is the purpose of your video? Are you trying to educate, sell a product, or introduce your new company? The purpose of your content will affect what gender your voiceover should be. Depending on the gender of the voiceover you select the voice can influence the listener. For example, male voices tend to be perceived as more authoritative and physically stronger than a female voice. Female voices tend to be perceived as more trustworthy, and friendly than male voices. If you’re creating an Explainer Video, you’ll want to consider using a female voice.

Product or Service

The type of product or service you’re discussing will influence the gender of the voice talent selected. Since the human voice is perceived differently depending on the gender of the voice heard. Consider what voice characteristics best suit the positive aspects of your product. For example, if you are sharing information on a pickup truck and discussing how tough the truck is you may want to use a male voiceover. Since the male voice is perceived as “physically stronger” that will give your product more credibility.



Target Audience

The voice selection should also “speak to” your target audience. Since mostly men drive pickup trucks, hearing a man endorse the truck adds a level of confidence and reassurance. Try to consider the type of voice and how it will influence your audience in a positive way.

Look at the market as a whole and what your target audience is encountering. Consider what your competitors are doing. Try to find a special niche, or approach with the voice that can make you stand out. Don’t forget to factor in the brand image and overall message being shared. After doing your research if you’re still unsure try running an A/B test on two short samples. Keep in mind, you’ll also want to test the message being shared. When creating a message, it’s always important to consider the medium being used.


The target audience plays a huge role, but an equally important aspect is the medium in which you’ll be sharing the recording. The voice chosen should have a direct impact on the medium where the recording will be played. Traditional radio ads are fast and usually done in a broadcast/announcer style read. For internet radio it is usually a mix of reading styles, depending on the brand and product.

Choosing the gender of your brand’s voice to introduce, explain, or inform can be overwhelming. Every brand is unique and picking the voice and gender that’s right for you company can help illustrate that. Picking the right voice with the correct message, will not only reach your target audience, but keep them top of mind.{{cta(‘c0ddfc78-b59d-4358-aa06-26fdcf6f98d6′,’justifycenter’)}}


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