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Walk in your Customer’s Shoes (and Listen to their Auto Attendant)


A few days ago, the Holdcom blog took a figurative trip to Universal Studios to learn how customer “waiting-on-line time” is optimized for entertainment, engagement, and complete immersion for a memorable customer experience.

But how do the visionaries behind Harry Potter World or the Islands of Adventure make sure that everything runs smoothly?

They take a walk in their customer’s shoes. Literally.

Through extensive testing, market research, and restricted openings, the developers are able to receive direct feedback from potential customers. The developers also prepare for any emergency situations by simulating a breakdown or emergency shutdown. All possible problems, no matter how unlikely, are taken under consideration.

The more companies put themselves in their customers’ shoes , the more they would not only understand complaints, but also know how to address these concerns. Just as a General needs to visit the front lines, so does the CEO of a company need to participate in various levels of his or her operation.

For example; have you tried going through your own customer service experience? Have you gone through the process of listening to an auto-attendant greeting, waiting on hold, listening to your message on program? Many people set up these systems and never check to see if their customer service initiatives are running smoothly or updating them as customer needs/services change.

By creating close ties between management and customer service, the “brain knows what the body is doing,” and vice versa. This is how our initiatives such as the online store, live chat, and our new holiday music collection came into practice – all through feedback from our customers and testing our caller experience.

If you’d like to know how your “voice” sounds to your customers, let HOLDCOM do the heavy lifting.  Our free voice grader service can identify the good and bad of how your organization is using audio marketing.   

Without our clients, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love – audio production. We have mighty big shoes to fill!