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Voice Assistant Technology & Customer Experience

As technology changes, the customer experience and human interaction changes as well. We have become reliant on the use of cellphones and the convenience of information at our fingertips. Technology advancements have caused such disorders as Nomophobia or the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. With advancements in technology it has put pressure on the customer experience. Customers now have further reach with the evolution of technology.  By utilizing advancements in technology the customer need can be met in a variety of ways throughout the automobile, financial, and food service industries- adding new value to the customer experience. 

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Technology has adapted to meet our need for immediate satisfaction. For example, texting and driving demonstrates how technology has changed to meet consumer needs. People can no longer wait until they safely arrive at their destination to read text messages, resulting in accidents and tickets. Car manufacturers needed to adapt to this consumers trend. As a result, cars started being manufactured with Bluetooth capability. Now through voice assistant technology we can call contacts, reply to texts, and even play our favorite playlists, conveniently and safely. The automobile industry continues to track consumer tech trends and create positive experiences.

Similar to car manufactures evolving to meet the need for texting while driving, Santander a UK bank recently released voice banking. Santander clients can download the iOS SmartBank App and can ask it simple questions. By using voice banking Santander clients will no longer need to manually review their statements, instead bankers will use the app and ask simple questions such as “how much money did I spend on New Year’s Eve”. Meeting the needs of customers adds value to the customer experience. Voice banking saves clients time from manually reviewing statements and provides instant information.

These technology advancements in the automobile and financial industry come a year after Domino debuted it’s “Siri” called “Dom”. Dom can be used on the mobile app to place an order using only voice. The only time a Domino’s client would need to type something, is when entering their credit card. Dom is using voice recognition technology to create the orders. The app was a huge success for Dominos and profits boosted:

Regardless of what industry you are in, technology should be constantly reviewed to meet client needs. Voice recognition technology can meet busy client needs. The easier purchases are made for clients or prospective clients the more likely to increase sales. Marketing can bring clients to your company, but customer experience is what will retain them.


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