virtual tour voice talent

Virtual Tour Audio

Though the virtual tour has been around for a long time, many individuals and businesses have not yet incorporated audio into their presentations. I have seen many virtual tours where you are given a full 360 panaromic view of a brightly colored living room or kitchen – with no voice over to serve as a guide. What could be an informative sales pitch turns into a virtual tour of a silent, almost haunted, house.

Let me back up for a second. What is a virtual tour? Exactly how it sounds – you are placed in a virtual representation of the space, whether it is a house, a museum, an office building, and can navigate the space as if it were real. This illusion is achieved through a clever use of slide-show software and stitching photographs together. Professional [or unprofessional] voice overs act as the virtual tour guides or real estate agents, showcasing special features of each room in the virtual tour.

Holdcom sees the opportunity in virtual tours to deliver authentic messages to “virtual tourists.” Holdcom has partnered with VT360, Videoscape, Virtual View, and more to deliver audio production that lends substance to the virtual tour journey. For more information on virtual tours, check out the narration section on our website.