Update Your On Hold Communication with Holiday Greetings

From Halloween through New Year’s, the next few months are prime time for updating your on hold communication to include holiday greetings. Take advantage of these special opportunities to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

In fact, updating your messages can be a good idea year round. It shows that your business takes timely action. It also gives a more human touch to your communications.

In many cases it may be wise to focus on holiday greetings rather than mixing up the message with overt sales pitches. This is an ideal occasion to thank people for their business and wish them and their family a happy new year.


On the other hand, people may welcome references to business activities if it is beneficial to them. For example, your on hold message could offer callers a chance to get a discount coupon or a free gift in honor of the season.

This may also be the time to show off your creative side. An outside copywriter or talented staff member could design a short custom verse that will stand out and build your brand.

Of course, music also plays a big part in creating a holiday atmosphere for your business. You may want to temporarily switch your business music to match the season. While you need to consider what is appropriate for your business, you may be wondering what Christmas songs are most popular. For some ideas, try this Billboard chart with the top 10 Christmas songs Americans have been listing to the most.

As far as timing goes, you naturally want to avoid the perception of Christmas creep whereby holiday messages start appearing earlier and earlier in the year. Many customers like to hear Christmas music as long as stores wait until December, and holiday business cards often get mailed any time after Thanksgiving. Make your plans accordingly.


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