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Tools to Support Message on Hold Production

Can’t remember who said it or sang it, but there’s a line, “I can’t wait until tomorrow, because I get better looking every day.” Well that’s the way I feel about my business. As a service oriented company, we’ve always done a good job at a good price with responsive quality service, and we’ve been rewarded in kind. But now with things getting tougher and more competitive, we need to keep striving to keep service up and costs down. It’s a challenge but an exciting challenge, especially with all the ideas and solutions available to consider and implement.

In the past couple of months alone we’ve launched a robust company-wide wiki and an esign solution for our customers, which promise to streamline our internal operations and our sales initiatives respectively.

Our wiki contains or will contain the entire known knowledge of our business universe (I’m feeling like Superman’s dad, Jor-El), searchable by a few keystrokes by anyone in our organization who has a question or needs to respond to a question about anything we do. No longer will we need to meet in office doorways for impromptu trips down memory lane to remember “What do we do when this happens?” “Where do I find this?” “What’s our policy on that?” I suppose I’ll miss some of those doorway meetings, but hey, there’s always the water cooler.

Our esign capability will not only fulfill a request from some of our more forward thinking clients for virtual signing capability, it will open up everyone’s eyes to the efficiencies and productivity of sending and tracking Orders via a web solution. It will allow all of our Reps to individually track the status of their submitted Orders for viewing, authorization, and response. It provides reminders and alerts to their customers, themselves, and each other. Even for those customers stuck in the fax world, it will allow our Reps to monitor the submission, receipt, and response of those Orders.

There are definitely deeper challenges out there now than ever before, but more possibilities than we ever imagined, with new ones every day. So yeah, I can’t wait until tomorrow, because my business, on hold messaging, voice production, and Internet audio, is definitely getting better looking every day!