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Three Must-Haves for a Truly Elite Customer Experience

If your organization is still living in the days of merely being user friendly, then you probably need to begin a new initiative in marketing and customer service. A user friendly customer service interaction is no longer good enough. Your organization needs to implement an elite overall customer experience from the very tops of corporate leadership, filtering all the way down to the fast-paced and demanding front lines, where your highly trained personnel interact with clients on a daily basis. Here are three tips to make sure your organization is putting its best customer experience foot forward:Elite_Customer_Service

  1. Honor Thy Customer – Pardon the biblical wording, but sometimes that sort of dialogue is necessary to drive the point home. Treat this tip as a “commandment” of sorts and teach it from the top down throughout your organization. By honoring thy customer you should be able to not only know their purchase habits, but explain why they are trending in either direction. You should know what market trends are changing their behaviors and make every effort possible to respond quickly to those changes.
  2. Be A Mind Reader – What do you think I am, a mind reader? Well, yeah! To truly build your customer experience to an elite level, you  need to be somewhat of a mind reader. Know what your customer wants before they can even tell you. Don’t wait for the results of market studies that still hang in the balance. Do enough research and conduct regular studies in advance to accurately predict your customer’s behaviors before your competition beats you to it.
  3. A United Leadership Front – A company’s leadership must be united in its efforts to be elite in customer experience, and this must be done with consistently positive actions and responses, not with mere words and meaningless corporate philosophy. If actions and procedures passed down from leadership consistently preach the value of customer experience the rest of the organization will follow.



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