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The Right Choice in Music Can Lead to More Efficient Business

While the old train of thought was to keep customers in your store longer to increase a chance of purchase, a keen observer of how their business works will notice that isn’t always true. Often it’s more a case of the customers speed in moving through a store. In that area, selecting the right overhead business music can help you make the customers experience more efficient without sales decreasing.

Music__can-332872-editedThe Science of Volume

We’ve cited a study published by the European Journal of Scientific Research on the science of overhead music before, and here again comes an instance where it’s reference is relevant. The study delves into different variables in overhead music and how they affect the shopping experience, both from the point of view of the shopper and of the store.

The study identified that higher volume in music causes customers to walk more quickly without the risk of decreased sales. This leads to customers being able to be in and out of your store faster and more efficiently without negative side effects to your bottom line.

Keeping it Classy

To further capitalize on the science of overhead music, picking the right genre of music can affect where you can afford to keep your price point. Pop music, while great for customer efficiency, can be bested by classical music when higher priced items are on the line.

This is due to the customer’s perception of the store changing based on the genre. Our minds identify classical music with a more luxurious and exclusive atmosphere, an atmosphere where seeing slightly higher prices is natural and accepted.

Finding the Right Balance

Naturally, one wouldn’t want to crank up the volume on classical music too much, but finding a balance of volume between ordinary and too loud can lead to a wonderful median where customers walk faster while willingly accepting a higher price point.

As a general rule of thumb that volume is to the point where the music is easily noticed in most situations a customer may face while in the store. If your store has appliances, making sure they can clearly hear the music above the sounds those appliances make is important.



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