customer experience message on hold

The MOH Client Relations Trade Secret

Experience tells us day in and day out that “there is no magic word,” no abracadabra or panacea to solve our troubles; we must rely on hard work and dedication to overcome life’s obstacles.

When it comes to customer service, it seems as if there is no way to avoid disgruntled customers or the pressure to always respond faster, to always be better.

And this is where industry secrets come in, the tips and tricks so you can calm panicked customers without panicking yourself – all the while gaining customer loyalty. It all boils down to this simple phrase: “we are going to take care of you.”

As if by magic (Shh! We can’t say that!), this phrase not only relaxes customers, but can give you the self-confidence to do your best to help them. Customers want a representative who is competent. They want to be talking with an individual who has a grasp on the situation and knows the proper steps to provide an uncomplicated solution. This mantra is a small gesture, but packs a punch – it closes any chance for the customer to express their doubts while assuring that they have been heard.

However, you must be sincere in your approach to prevent callers from abandoning if they are placed on hold. Introduce yourself, and ask for their name. Once this rapport is established, a trust can be built: “we are going to take care of you” seals the deal. 

So next time you are on the phone with an unappeasable customer, just say that one phrase. I guarantee that their worries, and yours, will melt away. It works like a charm.

What are some of your tactics for handling difficult customers?