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The Instagram vs Vine Video-Off: Who Will Win?

What’s the lastest social media news? Instagram Video. Facebook announced the new service yesterday, and now, Vine has a strong competitor to worry about. While Vine has 13 million users, Instagram boasts 130 million users. Since Instagram Videos and photos can both be shot in the same app, many are predicting that most users will choose to make short videos on the same app that they can take and edit pictures with, rather than having to go to a separate one just to make a short video.

The Differences Between Instagram and Vine Videos

The main difference between Vine and Instagram video is the length of video recording time. With Vine, you can only record for 6 seconds, while Instagram Video allows up to 15 seconds of recording time. Keep in mind, even though you have 15 seconds to record, you aren’t required to use all the time. If your content only requires 10 seconds, don’t tack on an extra 5 just because you can.

Instagram Video also has enhanced sharing features. For example, you are able to choose a frame of your video to serve as a “cover photo”, which will just appear in the photo stream as a regular photo. This way, content creators can choose the most interesting frame of their video to entice viewers.

True to Instagram form, Instagram Video lets you choose a filter for your video. All of the 13 filter options that are available when you take pictures are now available for when you take a video.

And unlike Vine, Instagram Video allows you to delete the last frame you shot in your video, just in case you messed up or don’t like it…which makes it easier to share great content. (it works like the backspace button on your keyboard: you can only delete from the end)

However, Instagram has “lost the loop”. Instead of playing in a continuous loop like a Vine (or a Message On Hold program… sorry, I couldn’t help myself!), Instagram videos will play only once, so don’t expect to see the “perfect loop” hashtag on Instagram any time soon.

Will Users Make the Switch to Instagram Video?

The big question right now is: will people stop using Vine and switch to Instagram Video? Instagram Video has only been out for a day and many people on my Instagram stream have been taking advantage of it already. But I’ve also seen that people are still using Vine, and are even bashing Instagram in their Vines, explaining their loyalty to the original app.

This is going to be a really interesting competition between these two companies. I wonder if we will see more Instagram Videos shared on Facebook, and Vines on Twitter, reflecting the owner of each service.

Tips for your Instagram (or Vine!) Videos

It doesn’t matter if you are using Vine or Instagram video, you either have 6 seconds or 15 seconds to shoot an awesome video…but if you don’t take the time to carefully craft content, it is very likely that your video can fail. Here are a few tips to help you make a better video:

  1. Have a plan. You have to ask yourself this question: what exactly do I want to film and how will I film it? Your plan could be to stop-and-go shoot it something or to just run straight through the 6 or 15 seconds that you have. If you have a set plan then it will be easier for you to film and make the video clear. Also, having a plan will show that you Vine is done well and that can show that you are trying to be professional as possible and that you are organized.
  2. Do a Test Video First. Since filming a video on Vine or Instagram Video can be a little tricky and tough to get used to, it can be a good idea to film something a couple of times before you actually go and publish it. Especially if you have the video planned out, usually it is hard to get things right the first time so give it a couple of tries before you want everyone to see it!
  3. Go With the Flow. Obviously you want your Vine or Instagram video to look as put together and professional as possible for your company but sometimes if something comes off awkward or really funny, you should keep it and just “go with the flow”. This is a good way to show what your brand is really about and it makes you authentic. Keep in mind though that this is a REAL video so you want to make sure your business is being represented as well as possible.






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