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The Importance of Message on Hold [Infographic]

While you’re ramping up your Internet and social media budget, don’t forget that many of your best customers or would be customers still reach you on the phone. How are you addressing that? 

Even through the modern evolution of business communication, one ideal stands firm: customers will always pick up the phone. A timeless and extremely effective act, phone communication is still key to most business success.  Hundreds of millions of calls per day are placed to businesses from customers who order, ask, and receive answers to their questions or problems.

Callers will, more likely than not, be placed on hold during their calls, where businesses have the opportunity to not only reinforce marketing, customer service and branding strategies, but also to turn inquiry into eventual dollar signs.

Message on hold communication for businesses effectively reaches customers and influences customers. Here’s an infographic displaying the importance of message on hold.


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