The Customer Experience of Your Phone Customers: 3 Top Tips

The customer experience of your phone customers means your business moving ahead or remaining stagnant. Here are three tips from Fortune 500 companies about how to make that experience top quality and create a loyal customer out of the casual customer over the phone.

Customer Experience of Your Phone Customers

Train Salespeople, Not Script Reading Employees.

There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than a customer service representative that cannot have a normal human conversation about a problem. If your employees have brain meltdowns as soon as a customer takes them off of the script over the phone, then you have more employee training to do. 

Give Your Employees Leverage to Solve Problems.

Employees often feel hemmed up on the phone because they have no authority to do anything for the customer. Management makes all monetary decisions, and the job of the customer service representative is just to get the customer off of the phone to clear the line for sales.

This is not an effective way to deal with customers. Give your employees a small limit for refunds and let them make any decision under that monetary amount without calling in management.

Aggregate Data With an Appropriate CRM Program.

Your customers hate telling their stories three times when they get transferred to different departments. Give your customer service reps the benefit of a CRM system with a note taking section.

If a client is calling your company directly the odds are they a most likely are  experienceing a problem with their purchase. With the Holiday season fast approaching, customer service becomes a main factor for clients. If a client has a problem with their order they are going to gauge how helpful the representative was, if the problem was resolved, and how quickly it was resolved.

No matter the industry of your business it’s important to know what the average customer journey looks like.  From the beginnning of their journey, when the item was purchased up to the moment the problem is resolved, if it is resolved and everything in between is important. As businesses it’s easy to lose track of the base of our business, our clients. Don’t lose clients because your IVR/ Auto Attendant/ Voice Prompts are confusing and unclear and make clients call you 10 times to get to where thye need to be. Afterall we’ve all called a business listened to the Main Menu and said “What?!”.  This Holiday season you don’t need to be that company. 



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