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Spice Up Your Message on Hold

If you’re reading this, you’ve already recognized the immense potential of your phone system’s Music/Message on Hold capabilities. Not only are you providing targeted messages to your callers while on hold, you’re reducing call abandonment and making the most of their time in queue. 

Spice-MessageOnHold.jpgNow that you have the existing content, what are you doing to make your Message On Hold stand out in the crowd? Updating your program with a new script, or a different voice, gives callers a fresh feel to your program. Changing the music selections can achieve the same effect. Here are a few more ways to “spice up” your Message On Hold:

1 – Special Guest Appearances

More and more, businesses are incorporating greetings from owners and CEO’s into their Message On Hold programs. You can announce a new product line, thank clients for their continued loyalty or even wish callers holiday cheer. With the help of modern technology, recordings can now be done remotely, so there’s no need to leave the office or facility! 

2- Jingle, Audio Logos, or Sound Effects

Audio logos are recognizable sounds associated with a company’s brand. Think Intel or McDonalds…you hear those short sounds and immediately think of that brand. If your company uses an audio logo, inserting that sound into your hold program is just one more way of creating brand awareness for your business.

Love the idea of using a jingle or audio logo but your company doesn’t have one?  Holdcom has tons of audio logos available for use. You could even try using a sound effect in parts of the recording. For example, if you own a car dealership, you could include a engine revving effect into your recording. This will add excitement to the greeting and help bring your recording to life.  

3- Radio Spots

Radio spots and commercials tap into a big audience. So why use yours in a hold program? It’s exposure to a whole other audience, especially if your radio ads announce new products or services. In addition, radio stations will only run ads at certain times of the day, or for only a month or two. By adding it your on hold program, you’re extending the life of your radio spot as well as giving an upbeat tone to the greeting.

Be sure to ask a member of the Holdcom team about ways you can improve upon your professional Message On Hold program!



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