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Skyrocket the Customer Experience with Video and Sound


Many companies think of the customer experience as something that only relates to what goes on inside their stores. In reality, this is just one part of a much bigger picture. Now, potential customers often go online before ever stepping foot into a retail store, and some of them never physically visit at all. Instead, they buy their items online or over the phone. This makes it extremely important to be sure that people who use the web or the phone to do business still have a great experience dealing with the company. Of course, the physical location shouldn’t be neglected either. Here are a few ideas for enhancing customer experience online, over the phone, and in the bricks-and-mortar store:

Add Useful Videos to the Company Website

It seems like almost all sites have some sort of videos these days, but unfortunately, many of these productions are anything but useful. Instead, they usually take the form of annoying advertisements for the overall site or for the site’s most popular products. Customers have no use for ads once they’ve already found the site. Instead, they need to see how-tos on relevant topics. These can include instructions for completing projects, how-to videos on the use of complicated products, or other such topics. Customers are more willing to buy when they feel that they understand how a product works or how they can use it to make a wider project easier.

Put Up Displays in the Store

How-to videos aren’t just for the web. They’re also great for introducing products to in-store customers. They work especially well if the product is complicated or unique. As with the online versions, it’s better to show how-tos than basic ads so that people find them interesting enough to stop and watch.

Make Waiting Times More Pleasant

Overhead music is an old standby, and this is for good reason. People are more at ease in stores that aren’t totally silent. Hold music is good for the phone lines because the right selection makes the time seem to pass more quickly.While clients are waiting on hold is a great time to provide them with information about FAQ’s or upcoming events.Receive a real time instant price quote for your Message On Hold program by visiting Holdcom’s Audio Production Store. We’ll be glad to get you set up with everything you need.


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