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Should I Use Superlatives in My on Hold Messages?

“We offer the greatest customer service.” “Our business is dedicated to using the latest technology.” “We’re the best.” These are the kind of superlatives that, when not supported by factual evidence and used with on hold messages, can really turn off customers. When creating any kind of on hold communication content, it’s always tempting to use one of these statements. It’s easy to say,”We’re the most dedicated to customer service” or “our company is number one in our industry”…but for your on hold marketing programs, is this the best option? 

Using Superlatives in my On Hold Message

Think about your prospective customers. In many cases, they might be shopping around, pricing out different options, or just seeing what’s out there. So they go online and call you and your competitors. And with every call they make, they hear the same line in Message On Hold programs, “Our industry-leading experience will make your life better.” How is a consumer to judge the merit of one business over another? The key is to differentiate yourself by supporting these claims.

How to Correctly Incorporate Superlatives in Message On Hold

  • Highlight any awards you have won or earned.
  • Include case studies. Instead of saying you solve problems, explain how you do it.
  • Ask clients for testimonials or recommendations, which they can record for you.
  • Be honest. If you’re not number 1, don’t say you are. Instead, focus on the areas in which you succeed.
  • Be authentic. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Like being honest, it’s important to truly showcase your unique brand.

At Holdcom, we write, record, produce, and monitor a lot of Message On Hold programs. And we’ve noticed something interesting: superlatives work really well on hold, but only when they’re supported by facts and other information.  The key to writing an on hold program, and any marketing material, is to show how great your business is instead of just telling callers about it. Instead of saying “We offer the best customer service in our industry, try, Our staff of dedicated customer service professionals is available to help you 24 hours a day.” 

The idea is simple: show, don’t tell. If you can do this, your on hold marketing will let your business shine… and your customers will thank you.



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