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Seize Your Marketing with Audio Marketing or Sonic Branding

A memorable marketing campaign increases awareness, value, and perception of the brand. Brand Image isn’t developed by visual content alone, but by sonic branding. The higher the customer’s awareness of your message, the more likely for it to impact their memory. Memory is exactly what makes a brand image. Neglecting audio or sonic branding in any marketing campaign will decrease the likelihood that you’ll get the results you are seeking.

I was having dinner with some friends, one night. At the table next to us a phone began blaring a Senses-1.jpgfamiliar jingle. The next twenty minutes were spent trying to figure out why the audio was so familiar. We suggested phone companies or service carriers for the following twenty minutes when one of my friends asked the guy to tell us the title of the ringtone. Was it a movie theme? Pop song from the 90’s? Nope. It was the Old Spice jingle. Feel free to listen to it here. Old Spice ran their ground breaking marketing campaign in 2010, bringing back into action the whistle. According to Neatorama the whistle had been used in previous marketing such, as the below commercial and in 2016- we can still recall it.

Looking to increase brand attention and reach – audio marketing could be the answer. Audio affects people in several ways including behaviorally, cognitively, physically and physiologically. Regardless of your industry, there is an audio marketing strategy that can improve your brand image. Consider the overhead audio at the next store you attend. Whether it be music or announcements, audio can play an important role in customer behavior and customer experience.

Now more than ever audio is becoming key to any marketing campaigns. Consumers spend an average of four hours a day with audio according to Edison Research.  Everyday more and more social sites such as Snapchat or Instagram allow posts to include audio. With Twitter adding “Twitter Cards” users will now be able to include music,video, and audio greeting cards. If your marketing doesn’t include a custom jingle, overhead music, or audio for your video – you may want to change your strategy.

Not only does audio affect customer emotions, but we are always available to listen. When we are occupied or concentrating on something we have the ability to listen passively; while you’re eating, at the gym, driving, or even reading. By including audio into your marketing campaign you are reaching an additional market you would have missed otherwise.

Make it memorable.  Allow your audience to feel something. Just like Old Spice adding the jingle that added a sense of whimsey and curiosity. The best marketing campaigns are the ones that are relatable, stir our emotions, or entertain us. Old Spice did all of these which is why we can recall the jingle today.

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