Promote Your Company Using Web Video Production

Do you want your business to reach a wider audience? Have you hit a plateau in growth and need to amp up your website to gain more traffic and clients? If you’re not using video you might be missing out. 

These days, customers are looking for a multimedia experience and greater connection with brands. With the rise of technology, there’s a greater expectation to see a visual component of products people are accessing. Even newspaper and radio news agencies are turning to video for their websites to keep up with the demand and compete with their video-capable competition. Words will get you so far, but to take things to the next level and truly engage with potential customers, video is the answer.



Web video production can help promote your business online and drive growth to your site. It adds a more personal touch and can engage with the audience at a deeper level than written content. Relationships can be established faster and viewers will feel better connected to your brand. Video is far more persuasive than written content alone, allowing you to communicate stronger and more effectively with your future clients and customers.


There are so many great ways to use web video production to promote your company. Let’s take a look at some of the high-growth options you have:

  • Introductions: Use video to introduce your company, brand or key figures and give a corporate overview in a far more engaging manner than written biographies or descriptions on your website. Through video, you can send a more personal message to explain and highlight your company’s key products, features, values and strengths.
  • Testimonies: A popular way to drive growth is using previous customers’ and clients’ positive experiences through personal testimonials. But how can you make your testimonials stand out from the crowd when everyone else is also using them? Through video, customers can give a compelling story of how your company has helped them achieve their goals in a more personal and engaging presentation.
  • Product Demonstrations: There’s nothing like being able to see a product in action when determining whether to make a purchase. Today, when customers want information on how to use a product they’re likely to research on the web and on video sites such as YouTube. You don’t want their first point of call to be amateurs demonstrating your product – you want your company to be the first in line for showing off features. By offering videos of product demonstrations or “how-to” videos, you’ll put your brand in front. These videos benefit the customer by giving them a full demonstration of what the product does while benefiting your company by allowing you to highlight the product at its best.
  • Video Press Releases: These are becoming a more efficient option to inform broadcast journalists and agencies and they can save time for your company and the media. Video press releases can provide sound bites and audio clips without having to arrange and schedule one-on-one interviews with broadcast media agencies.

These are only a handful of a wealth of options for using web video to promote your company and drive growth for your brand. You don’t have to rely solely on video – the most effective way is to use it to enhance your written content and provide a more multimedia approach to marketing your business. Web video production and video marketing is a cost-effective way to grow your business and get people talking.



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