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Podcast: Does Background Music Improve Customer Experience?

The customer experience begins with the first interaction of your brand or organization. If your customers are engaging with your company in a physical space, like a store, restaurant or waiting area their experience will be positively or negatively impacted by the quality of the environment.  Is the presentation of your setting favorable?  Is it clean and inviting?  Does it have visual interest that’s engaging like digital signage or decor reflective of your image? Are you using sound to elevate the customer experience? 

By evaluating your venue from all aspects and making positive adjustments, you will improve the customer experience.  An often overlooked element of customer experience is background music and the role it plays in how well a customer finds their interaction to be.  Choosing appropriate overhead music can have an effect on customer behavior.  Volume, tempo and genre are key factors which have an effect on behavior as found in a study done regarding “Effects of background music on Concentration of workers”.  Be sure to choose a business music service which has the music content to suit your target audience. When done correctly the right overhead music can boost your business.


Holdcom’s Director of Operations, Andy Begnoché, recently sat down with podcaster Troy McElfresh to discuss Background Music and Overhead announcements.

Troy is the owner and host of A World of Mouth business blog which features podcasts, videos, E-books, guides & more to help small and mid-size businesses grow.

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