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On Hold Message Updates for Fall – Cheat Sheet

Coming soon pumpkin lattes and football season! We all know too well that Fall is around the corner. With the Fall season comes the opportunity for a crisp new marketing strategy. Will you be posting on social media; will you be doing any online ads? Whether you’re in the healthcare, hospitality, education, or dining industry you should be sure all your marketing outlets align including your Message On Hold. To make it easier we’ve created this handy cheat sheet to remind you of some great things to include in your Fall On Hold message update and your Fall marketing strategy. 

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One of the most fun holidays of the Fall, is Halloween! If you’re in an industry with children, food, or healthcare there’s always something to mention. Will you be having a children’s parade, a costume contest, or maybe you want to share safety tips?

With Fall comes – Halloween! Whether you’re in the candy industry or healthcare it’s important to remind callers about the safety tips for the holiday. Below is an excerpt about safety on Halloween.


“Halloween is a fun time for children of all ages, but it’s also a time for safety.  The National Safety Council offers these tips for a safe Halloween: Trick or treat only in your own neighborhood on well-lighted streets; No matter what your costume, make sure it fits and that you can see well; Make sure young children are accompanied by an older brother or sister, or an adult; And most importantly, parents should be sure to check their children’s treats.  Caution them not to eat any treats before they get home.”

           Costume Contest-

“If you’ve got some great Halloween costume photos, you could win $____  and the chance for your photo to appear in our Fall Newsletter Magazine.  Enter your best Halloween photo at __________ by _________ – good luck!”

“Don’t miss our Halloween Costume Brunch Buffet – on October ________.  Winner of the Best Costume will win FREE brunch for their family – up to six people.  Other prizes will be awarded for various categories.  Ask for details when we return to the line.”

            Halloween Party-

“Fall is here! If you’re looking to host that fabulous fall wedding, corporate picnic, football tailgate, or spooky Halloween bash let us provide you with all of your party needs” 

Back to School

Back to school is always a crazy time of year for everyone! It’s always important to remind caller show busy the school year can be for parents, friends, and teachers. Maybe if you’re in an education or healthcare industry you want to mention immunization and playground safety tips?


“Don’t forget about scheduling an appointment for your complete physical exam, back to school immunization update, or sports physical today. “

            Playground Safety-

“More than 200,000 children are injured annually on America’s playgrounds, according to the National Program for Playground Safety.  Please keep the following tips in mind: Make sure the surface where children play is cushioned. Rubber floors, rubber mulch, or grass are safe, but cement surfaces are not. Be sure that playground equipment is in good working order and not rusty or falling apart. Check the bolts to make sure they are all intact. If you own a trampoline, clear the area around it and do not place the trampoline near objects like trees or your home.  Place a frame pad around the entire area of the spring system. Make certain that your child always rides with a helmet & sneakers on and in the direction traffic is heading. If a child must ride at dusk or at night, place a flashing light or reflective material on the bike so he or she can easily be seen. Remind your children to look both ways at intersections and follow all traffic signs.”

 If you’re within the hospitality or travel industry perhaps you want to remind callers of how busy they will soon be?

            Relax & Refresh

Now more than ever, you need to renew, refresh & relax after the exhausting preparation of back to school. Begin your new routine by taking care of your body, mind & spirit!

Regardless of what industry you consider your company to be in, there is always something that can be updated and added per season to your Message On Hold. The more up to date your Message On Hold program is, the more callers will listen and educate themselves and it will work as a great distraction. Nobody wants to be on hold, but if they are, the time should be utilized to build a positive informative experience.



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