Need a Robust Hotel Marketing Strategy? Create Quality Video Content


You flip the light on, the room is clean, and the air is crisp, there are no unwanted surprises; only features and amenities that go above your expectations. You feel at home. You settle down, open the door to the balcony, and pour a drink. Your only worry is what great dining option to try first, and how you can’t wait to come back with family and friends. Connecting with guests and ensuring that they know exactly what your resort or hotel has to offer requires a robust marketing strategy, including professional videos containing pertinent video content, easy to navigate websites, with accurate and trust-worthy testimonials and reviews.

Whether your property boasts well-appointed hotel-rooms, meticulously clean B&B style cottages, or luxurious resort suites; your guests will only pay for what they perceive your establishment is worth. It’s your job to let them know the excellent service they will experience, quality accommodations that are provided, and the exciting or beautiful surroundings that make your location so special.

How to create Quality Video Content that will invite and excite your future and return guests:

  • Ensure Professionalism: If your video is unprofessional, your guests will assume the same standard runs through the rest of your establishment.
  • Use Quality Images: Display beautiful custom photography, or carefully selected and appropriate stock images, to really give your guests a great idea of what they can expect when they arrive.
  • Add Relaxing Music: You want to appeal to as many of the senses as you possibly can, lovely and relaxing music is an excellent way to let your guests know that more relaxation and comfort is on the way.
  • Create a Script: Write, or have a writer, draft up a script including information like location, dining options, service standards, commitment to quality, mission statements, and property amenities.
  • Employ the Talent: Select a well-spoken and pleasant actor to deliver the script, and convey your message to your guests.

A beautiful photograph used to be all guests needed to see and trust that a room would be as lovely as its picture. Unfortunately these days, with tricky photography, photo filters, and serious competition, a well staged photo just isn’t enough. Guests can’t rely on a hand full of images to trust that the grounds will be kept as well as they appear in the photo, the food tastes as great as it looks, and that the rooms are clean and comfortable, they need more. Guests rely heavily on reviews and testimonials, programs that offer panoramic views and comprehensive hotel tours, and current and user-friendly websites. Selecting accommodations that promise more than the basics, exceed your standards, and leave you planning your return trip before you’ve even left, shouldn’t be a challenge. If hotels aren’t taking advantage of current marketing trends and strategies, they are simply missing out. 


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