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Message on Hold & Voice Prompt Tips from Aristotle

At its heart, what is a message? What is it supposed to do? A message transfers information, but iif it is not engaging will that information reach the listener. Centuries ago Aristotle was so successful at creating an engaging message, humanity still listens to his words today. His artistic proofs offer great audio marketing script tips for messages on hold and prompts.

Ethos (Ethical Appeal)

Messages must contain an air of trustworthiness and truthfulness. Nothing bothers a listener more than a message that claims ‘we will be with you shortly’ yet the consumer has to wait another hour. So, if your message states ‘shortly’, you must have a timely response in order to establish Ethos. However, if you can’t guarantee a rapid response, be honest. Find a way to convey that you are working hard, and making your customer a priority.

Message on hold and voice promtpt tips from Aristotle.jpgIf you are unavailable and a caller decides to leave a message, when that caller reaches your voicemail be sure to state when their call will be returned. Not only should all messages be honest, but they should provide an appropriate emotion.

Pathos (Emotional Appeal)

Keep in mind why your customer is calling. What type of emotions do these queries carry? Is your client frustrated? Are they excited to do business? Find a way to placate frustration, or goad eagerness. For example, if you’re sales line is busy the hold message should convey excitement and eagerness. If the customer support line is busy the music should be calming and the message- understand and appreciative.

It’s important to determine who is calling what line before creating your greetings and hold program. Music works wonders for establishing emotions, as does voice tone and cadence. Moreover, consider the words you are using, might someone find them offensive or insulting? Are they weak words that convey a lack of confidence? Every piece of your message should align.

Logos (Logical Appeal)

Not only should your greetings offer information, but the information must make sense to your customer. Be clear. Be specific. For example, if the customer calls after hours be sure to include your hours in the After Hours voice prompt. Your hold message should give reasons and avoid vague generalities. For example, if you can tell a customer how long they will be waiting and/or why they’re waiting, you will make good strides toward establishing Logos. Furthermore, adding statistics and details that prop your message will bolster the logical centers in your customers’ brain.

Inserting an ethical, emotional, and logical message into your Message On Hold and voice prompts can be a challenge. Message On Hold programs can be ethical by not promising a short wait time. Voice prompts can be ethical by having the voicemail message state when a call will be returned. Hold programs can be emotional by reminding callers why they need the company and why they are utilizing the service or product by keeping logical and simple. Voice prompts can be emotional by providing a mood or emotion through voice. The voice used on the prompt can instill happiness, friendliness, or professionalism. Most voice prompts tend to be logical, as they provide factual information.  It can be difficult to find a balance to each of these fundamentals, but an impactful message will leave an impression with callers.



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