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Message On Hold – The Key to Unified Communications

Your team has worked diligently to create a marketing and communication strategy that will increase sales and strengthen your competitive edge. Understanding how to create effective audio marketing scripts for Message On Hold can make a difference as to how clients perceive your brand. Your telephone greetings and hold script is a customer’s first experience with your company. These first interactions are essential for convincing customers you can deliver on the promise of your marketing materials. Will the caller’s experience on the phone, mirror their expectation?  The caller experience will mirror the customer expectation if your on hold program delivers a consistent, brand-driven message that aligns with your marketing and communications strategy.

Message On Hold is an essential way to provide the relevant content, and satisfy current and potential customers. When designing the content for your hold program, it should be based on the consumer and the caller. What will they want? How will you hold their attention with this message? Will you use a simple and short script, or a long and detailed one, or do you throw out the audio for a music only program instead?

There’s no one-size-fits-all script, but using simple logic can help you nail down how to produce your content. An older audience can become frustrated easily, so it’s important to select music wisely. If your audience is an older one, perhaps you may use classical music, or music that is soothing. You do not want them to abandon the call out of frustration. If your audience is more diverse, use a concise script with a pleasant and friendly tone.  Don’t over stuff the message with too much information, or non-relative content or annoying material.

Message on hold the key to unified communications

The greetings on your phone system are the potential first engagement with your company, so it needs to be a positive one. A strong Message On Hold can portray the tone of your company and help subtly persuade potential customers on the legitimacy of your company. Be sure to follow the below suggestions to ensure you create a strong and effective hold program. 

Tips for Producing the Best Hold Program

  • Developing Tone: Using a tone that reflects other marketing content is important in creating uniformed image and message for your company. Depending on your industry, you may want to consider using a friendly voice to be enticing and smooth, or a more exciting or inquisitive voice. What tone portrays your company’s persona best? A spa’s message should be relaxing and soothing, a music store’s message can stimulate creativity and a law office can project a tone of mature capability. Your tone should reflect the image projected by your visual media, including, but not exclusively, your website.
  • Hold Time Is Not Dead Time: This message is not a pointless buffer-zone, but a serious opportunity. Utilizing this time to further convey your message is essential, and providing a pleasant experience with your company is important to all callers. This can be the opportunity your marketing team has been working to create. Your marketing strategy could have been pushing prospects to call.  Now is your chance to wow them, or to tell them honestly what your company is all about.
  • Use Queue Time to Tell Customers How Much You Appreciate Them: Take a moment to tell your current customer how much they matter. They are the people who drive you to create, or encourage you to provide the best product or service. Message On Hold is a great way to show your appreciation and enhance the human to human connection of any transaction. Gratitude makes an impression on both returning and new clients. Use your message to express your appreciation and thank them for their loyalty. A message might announce a discount or loyalty benefit program. Your regular clients will be excited and new contacts will have another reason to maintain a relationship with your brand. They’re what keeps you going. Tell them that!
  • A Time to Inform: This is a great opportunity to tell your potential customers something that reflects your current marketing strategy. What is the unique value proposition you want to share with clients?  Perhaps you mention the mission statement and how you seek to achieve it. What’s hot on your blog? Drive folks to your website or forum for expert insights.  Are there benefits to following your business on Facebook or Instagram?  Let customers know if there are any potential benefits to following you on social media. Trivia can be effective in a hold message.  Sharing surprising facts about your industry establish your brand as knowledgeable and cutting edge. Perhaps you mention new offers, sales, or opportunities and current industry trends to reflect how up to date your company is? Even though there’s no one-size-fits-all answer on what to say, there’s always a way to tell your customer more about your company. The mission statement may show the will and drive to succeed, while the offers suggest your company not only has great deals, but it is up-to-date and adapting to the needs of the market.

Aligning your Message On Hold content with your marketing strategy, is the key to unifying your communications strategy. Creating the perfect script may seem like a difficult task, but it is just as important as understanding your audience. There may not be a one-size-fits-all approach to the script writing process, but if you understand your audience and follow these tips you will be able to strengthen brand image while providing helpful information. You’ll be creating a pleasurable experience that your potential customers won’t soon forget. 


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