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Message On Hold: The Holiday Marketing Tool You Forgot

The holidays are a crazy busy, stressful time for everyone–the “goodwill towards men” part seems to come after they’ve found that one sold out toy, mailed packages, and rehabbed the tree after the cat knocked it over. Don’t let your holiday Message On Hold add to your customer’s frazzle factor. Your Mesaage On Hold  and voice prompt phone recordings are always important, but are a crucial factor during December. 

holidaymarketingtoolbox_messageonhold.jpgCustomers today aren’t calling from the comfort of the sofa or the office–they’re likely stuck in traffic, in line somewhere else, or waiting for a recital to start. To start a successful interaction with your business, they need to be engaged while they wait. A bored customer quickly turns into an impatient and then an angry one. 

Beyond the basic prompts, you can cross-sell, advertise new products, offer holiday hacks, and play music–basically taking your communication to a new platform. Custom Message On Hold tells your callers you’re a serious business and you respect the time they’re taking to wait–a good on-hold campaign is another part of your marketing arsenal, since everyone has to hold at some point. The hold time is a golden opportunity to build on your brand. You have a budget for advertising, social media, and promotions, so take advantage of your captive customer and add to their brand awareness by telling your story. A custom, on-hold message that’s consistent with your brand reinforces the other components of your marketing strategy.

 Any business with a call presence can benefit from a customized on-hold message. You can tailor the content to your customer–if your target demographic is parents of small kids, offer tips on keeping Santa real, or tell short, funny anecdotes. For an automotive supply company, talk about staying safe on the roads during the winter, with “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” playing in the background–or maybe not. 

After the hustle and bustle subsides and your callers have goodwill again, update your hold message for spring–you’re always going to have hold time, so make it work for you by creating a positive experience. 


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