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Message on Hold: Script Tips to Keep Callers from Pouting

Children want what they want, RIGHT NOW.  Oh the potential drama which ensues if parents tell them to be patient. Their excitement builds and they slip into an imaginary world picturing themselves with the prized possession. But disaster can strike the moment they run out of patience. 

The same is true for adults. We are constantly craving instant gratification and we don’t like to wait. As we grow impatient we tend to make rash decisions that could lead us far off the path of the desired solution. As a business, impatient customer experiences can lead to increased call abandonment, lower customer call engagement, and general dissatisfaction with the brand.

As a business, losing one customer is too much, especially if it’s because they were holding and your hold content was lack luster and not engaging. Below, are four audio marketing script tips for your Message On Hold that will increase customer engagement and reduce call abandonment.Message on hold script tips -pouting .jpg

Engage customers with relevant content: A key component of any marketing plan is to engage the customer’s intellect with appealing content followed by a call to action. Know who is calling the number and appeal to that audience. If it is mostly patients who tend to call, be sure to include upcoming office closings and new services.

If it is a line that doctors call, give them additional contact information. While the caller is holding, encourage them to visit your website for information on services and product offerings, answer frequently asked questions, or even reiterate how your company serves each customer. Message On Hold is direct marketing to the consumer in which you have their undivided attention. 

Keep the program up to date: The hold program should always have new and upcoming information. If a caller is calling your office in winter don’t provide them with information about September events. Keep your content updated! The most common problem with Message On Hold programs is once companies create them, they forget the program is there. It’s embarrassing to have callers misinformed because of outdated hold programs. Update the hold content to be in conjunction with ongoing marketing efforts.

Limit annoying verbiage and hold times: The customer doesn’t like to hold, at all. Limit the amount of time callers are on hold to under one minute. During that one minute of time, only apologize once for their wait, if necessary. Monitor your wait times as it might be in your best interest to hire more staff. Train your staff to not use industry jargon that the customer could become confused with or have difficulty understanding. 

Drop in your elevator pitch: It takes an elevator 30 seconds to go 50 floors. As you attempt to keep your waiting times low to relieve impatient customers, use this time to incorporate various elevator pitches to keep your customer’s interest peaked. Remind Callers of services you promote in your marketing plan, this will keep them engaged and not focused on how long they’ve been holding. This will work to your advantage as they will ask the live agent about what they just heard, which could potentially lead to a new opportunity or sale. Be sure that your agents are informed about what is being played to callers holding, so they can answer questions accurately and provide instant support.

No one likes to wait. Impatience is in our nature from the moment we are born. Excellent customer service is an achieved when every part of your company is focused on the customer and creating the best customer experience.  It begins with marketing and sales and carries through the caller experience to the transaction and beyond to ongoing support.  Your Message On Hold is a piece of that and it needs not be a hindrance to your business, but a way to promote customer engagement. Your hold content is a key element of your marketing strategy and should be updated regularly




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