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Message on Hold: Music & Your Brain

Ever hear that one song, and as soon as it comes on you want to start dancing? The affect music has on our brains is undeniable. Music affects our brains so much that it has become popularized for therapy. Parents have even been encouraged to teach children how to play an instrument to increase brain function. With new research coming out about music, it’s surprising that it is used so little in the customer service experience. Learn how you can utilize Music on Hold in your business to calm, and encourage your target audience.

Music is a great distracter!  Just like when you hear your favorite song it may remind you of a great memory, or perhaps it allows your mind to be at ease? From the instore experiences to Message on Hold, music can be used throughout the customer journey. Create a calm, and enjoyable environment for clients. 

When callers are on hold, not only should information be provided, but music should be used too. Music is shown to trigger the same part of the brain that releases Dopamine, a pleasure chemical according to Time Inc. Why not relive caller stress and frustration during the customer experience? 

In addition, to the calming affects music provides to callers, a recent study shows that a specific audience can be identified depending on the music they choose to listen to. For example, those who preferred to listen to Jazz music tended to have a high self-esteem, were outgoing, and tended to be more at ease.  Those who preferred Indie music were found to have a low self-esteem and were not hardworking. What this study shows is that if you know the audience you want to reach, can easily appeal to them by selecting the music they would likely be listening to. If you know the type of people calling, you can select music they would enjoy. 

Audio is such a vital part of everyday life. To ignore the affects audio, especially music can have in your customer service experience is foolish. Whether you adjust the instore music you have playing or change up the music playing on the Message on Hold program callers will notice and their brains will react. 

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