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Lessons from 4 Big Brands for Your Online Marketing Videos

Lessons from big brands for your marketing videos - speech bubblesOne of the fastest-growing online marketing strategies brands are employing is creating highly-sharable videos. These videos not only highlight products or services, they also entertain, inform, and capture their audiences. Here are four companies – Facebook, Red Bull, Microsoft and Starbucks – that caught my attention with their video marketing, and the lessons their videos can teach you and your brand.

Facebook – “The Things That Connect Us”

Facebook is easily one of the most popular social media sites. According to a Nielsen study, 17% of computer time is spent on Facebook. Why is the site so popular? Perhaps because people use Facebook to relate with others and share what they like. The Facebook “Things That Connect Us” video does a great job showing how everyday objects such as a chairs, airplanes, bridges, or even a doorbell can bring people together. The voice over explains that each of these objects allows people to “open up” and “connect about ideas…” Facebook is just like these everyday things—it lets us share, connect, debate, and come together.

This is attention-grabbing because the connection between chairs and Facebook seems, at first, like a stretch. Without the voice over’s explanation and the clearly written copy, the viewer would never expect to associate chairs and Facebook. It is clear that time was taken to ensure high quality, amazing shots. The bold white-faced text that is used really stands out to the viewer and makes it noticeable. Also, the music that was chosen makes the video more emotional and inspiring, helping to reinforce the video’s meaning.

Red Bull – “Stratos Jump”

Red Bull is known for their great energy drinks and also their slogan “Red Bull, Gives you Wiings!” For the jump itself, Felix Bamgartner traveled to an altitude of 128.100 feet (the “edge of space”) in a helium-filled balloon and then jumped out, landing about 5 minutes later and completing a record-breaking jump. Red Bull sponsored the “Stratos Jump” and captured it live, on a video that was viewed on YouTube by over 8 million people. Later, Red Bull compiled the footage into this shortened but emotionally-charged video. While this “edge of space” jump has little to do with energy drinks, the feat and the video compilation really connects with Red Bull’s slogan. The underlying meaning of “Red Bull Gives you Wiings!” is that drinking Red Bull can help you do anything. By highlighting Baumgartner doing the impossible, their slogan – and the Red Bull brand, come together to tell an exciting story while making history. Check out the video below:



Microsoft – “Surface Movement Commercial”

The Microsoft surface is one of the new technologies that is competing with Apple’s iPad. The first time I actually saw the commercial, it caught my attention right away and my eyes were glued to the TV for the whole 1:01. Microsoft’s unique feature of the detachable keyboard alone was not enough to engage viewers. But adding the syncopated movement and fun energetic music, highlighting the “clicking” sound makes the commercial mesmerizing to watch and catches the viewer’s attention. 



Starbucks – “Frappuccino #SipFace”

An icy-cold Frappuccino from Starbucks on a hot summer day is one of the best things ever…and this 30-second commercial does a great job at making the viewer really  want one. They show so many Frappuccino combinations, you can’t help wonder which one you’d pick.  (Can you tell I’m craving a Frap right now??) Another notable thing about this commercial is the company put “#sipface” (which means the face you make while you are sipping on your ice cold Frappuccino…trust me, you make one). To hashtag something is a strategy for getting ad viewers to connect with the brand on Twitter…and even Instagram or Google+, site where Starbucks has a presence. Check out the video here:



Key Takeaways for Your Online Marketing Videos

All of these videos are engaging and entertaining. Here are some things that they have in common to help you with your own video marketing:

High Quality Visuals

From Facebook’s bold white text to Starbucks’ play with scenery, each of these videos can be viewed in HD. Even the Red Bull Stratos video, which features a live event, not a carefully shot commercial, is high quality. As a brand, if your video doesn’t look great, people will notice. And they probably won’t want to watch it.

Story Telling

A good video tells a story. It doesn’t have to be extensive, just interesting. Start with your story, then build your video.

Attention to Sound

Yes, we watch videos. But we also listen to them. In each of these videos, the music and voice has been carefully chosen to enhance the visual content. Choosing the right music can make the difference between success and failure. Likewise, the right voice over can match your brand, while the wrong voice can be distracting.

Emotional Response

From the simple “That’s So Cool” to the “Oh my God I want Starbucks”, each of these videos elicits an emotional response from viewers. If you want to create an engaging, shareable video, look for opportunities to make your viewers feel something.


Are you making videos for your business? How to you find inspiration? Let’s talk about it in the comments.






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