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Inside Professional Virtual Greeting Messages

Listening to MusicLast night, my mother told me to check my email, and I knew from the poorly disguised grin that I had another gimmicky “greeting card” waiting for me. The cards tackle the human psyche as if we are creatures of binary emotional existence: vulgar humor or molasses-sweet.

But then again, there are also audio emails and graphic text messages that hit the spot. Holdcom’s partner, Oddcast, is a “social media company that creates breakthrough participation marketing campaigns” that knows how to balance hilarity with feel-good sentiment, and whose interactive cards are just as much fun creating as receiving. Take for example, their Pedigree “Doggie Days” campaign, where you can give various types of dogs a dental makeover, then have them present a funny speech. Or what about their award winning “Monk-E-Mail” campaign for Careerbuilder?

It’s a great feeling knowing that my company’s voices put a smile on thousands of people’s faces each day – and with Smartphones apps, a greeting can take only a minute. Whenever I receive a virtual greeting, I listen carefully – is that one of our voices? Knowing the mechanics behind the audio production and the marketing strategies creates a rich experience, one which I try to share with my friends and colleagues.

But of course, I also know when it’s appropriate to let out a groan, roll my eyes, and reply – thanks, mom.