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How to Choose Good Background Music Services for Stores

choosing dressing like choosing music for storesGetting the right background music for stores isn’t always easy. It can be tricky to ensure you’re playing the right music, for the right shoppers, at the right time and place. And there are a lot of options – Something fast and pop-y, or mellow and jazzy, or hip and indie…the list goes on. But choosing good background music for your store isn’t about what’s popular or even what you like, it’s about your customers. And if you really know your customers, you’ll be able to choose great music for them, keep them in the store longer and shopping more frequently. Here’s how to test if you’re playing the best background music for retail stores:

What are you selling?

The first question to consider: what kind of products are you selling? This should be fairly simple to answer – focus on the core of your business, not the periphery. The music in your store should match what you’re selling, not compete with it. Would you expect the same music in a clothing store as an appliance showroom? Probably not.

To whom are you selling?

Who is your ideal customer? Consider things like age, gender, income, and any other demographic information that matters to your bottom line. A teen or tween’s store should play different music than a men’s shop.

How long do you want people to spend in your store?

The tempo of the music you play correlates with how long customers shop and the speed at which they shop. Fast music makes people shop faster and shorter, while slower music allows people to shop slower and longer. You might consider stacking your playlist with faster tracks if you want shoppers to move quickly and act on impulse.

What does your staff like?

Your staff listens to your overhead music for hours at a time. Take the time to consider what they want to hear in your store, and integrate that with your programming. Happy staff helps make happy customers.

Which Trends Do You See Throughout the Day?

Depending on the time of day, you might have very different kinds of shoppers in your store. For example, the same shop might find that during the day, moms or dads come to shop with young children, while in the evening, adults will stop in after work. Then on the weekend, couples or teens might stop by. Depending on the customers who are shopping and what they’re shopping for, the music needs to change.


The key to ensure you’re playing the right music in your store is to ensure you’re using a system that offers flexibility and scheduling options. Instead of using an internet radio solution that forces you to use pre-programmed playlists you can’t edit, look for a solution that gives you control of your overhead music.




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