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How the Right Overhead Music Can Boost Your Business


There are a lot of components to a great business. Great customer service, a great location, and a great product are all key factors in determining the overall success of your business. But one often overlooked feature that can keep customers returning is the right choice of overhead music. From grocery stores to restaurants to calls placed on hold, here are some ways that music can help (or hurt) your business. These ideas come from an article on Business Insider, which references an academic article published in European Journal of Scientific Research


  • Loud Music causes customers to quicken their pace without reducing their overall amount of purchase. 
  • Slow music causes customers to shop at a slower pace but leads to an increase in their amount of purchase.
  • Classical music as opposed to Top 40 music played specifically at a wine store causes customers to buy not only a greater quantity of merchandise but more expensive merchandise.
  • French or German music causes wine shoppers to buy either French or German wine, depending on the type of music being played.
  • Classical music can cause customers to think merchandise is more expensive, which is not always a good thing depending on the products the store carries and the intended customer base.


  • Slow music causes diners to eat more slowly, leading them to linger and purchase additional items such as an extra glass of wine or dessert.
  • Classical music causes diners to buy more when compared with pop music or no music.

Calls on Hold

  • General music being played while callers are on hold makes callers stay on the line longer before hanging up. But if you want them to really enjoy the wait …
  • Music specific to the customer’s taste causes the customer to perceive a shorter wait time compared with music the customer does not overall care for. Decide your target audience’s taste in music and cater your hold calls to that type of music.

The bottom line is that no matter what your business, the overhead music you choose to play can have a direct impact on your customers’ loyalty and your bottom line. Consider the above recommendations when you choose your business’ overhead music. Decide what works for your customers and your business model. 




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