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How Hospitals Can Use Social Media to Improve Care

Social media has changed the face of the world forever and your hospital needs to jump on the bandwagon by utilizing it for health care.

Imagine a world where your patients’ emotional and physical health could be tracked in real-time. It’s not an impossibility, as programs like “TweetDeck” let you see simultaneous Twitter feeds at the same time.

177004943-261292-editedImplementing this program would be relatively simple: just ask for patients Twitter tag during admission, and follow them immediately. Now, ask them to update their Twitter feed regularly throughout the day to keep you up-to-date on their progress.

Beyond individual care, social media helps you keep track of larger medical trends, such as disease outbreaks in your area. Your social media expert would watch Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other sites to note where people were getting sick and relay that to you.

This information can help you prepare your hospital for a potential rush of incoming patients and may even give you time to order treatments and medicines appropriate for that condition.

Social media sites can also serve as an all-purpose information and education site for your patients. For example, business-oriented sites like Google+ and LinkedIn let you create blogs, article content, reviews and FAQ sites that would be easy for your patients to read and understand.

These sites also let patients reach out to you from the comfort of their own home and without the embarrassment of having to call and describe their symptoms in detail.

If you’re convinced that social media can help your hospital improve its quality of care, contact us today to learn more.

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