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How Hospitals are Using Video in Denmark

Some hospitals have begun using video and digital signs as ways to educate and inform patients and their families. In October of 2014, Region Hovedstaden, the regional healthcare authority of Copenhagen, Denmark, began the process of installing 500 digital screens in 20 different medical facilities. The screens will be installed in waiting areas in the facilities and will offer educational and informational health-care related content. 

Informational TV

The bulk of the content being delivered to these facilities is called Info-TV and it is developed by the central HospitalVideo-in-Denmarkhealthcare authority. It consists of various channels and programs designed to deliver healthcare information to the public. The content includes information on how to remain healthy through lifestyle changes, basic information about hygiene and accident prevention, hot-line numbers for domestic abuse and suicide prevention, information about patient rights and new public health services, and announcements about news relevant to Region Hovedstaden. 

Individual Content

In addition to the basic Info-TV content, the system allows each individual health-care facility and even individual departments within the facility to display individualized information running across the bottom of the screen in a headline-type format. For example, a digital screen in a large waiting room can play an informational video while running up-to-date wait times across the bottom of the screen. 

Another option is the ability for a department to run short biographical sketches of the staff working in the department in between Info-TV programs. Alternatively, the department can opt to show informational content relevant to that department, such as how specific procedures are performed, or how to care for patients at home after specific procedures are performed. Health-related advertising can also be inserted into the basic Info-TV content. 

Make Patients Happy

Region Hovedstaden says that the purpose of the project is not to drive business but to make patients feel welcome and secure. Another goal of the project is to deliver useful information to the patients- questions that the staff gets asked multiple times a day are now answered in an entertaining fashion in the waiting room. Instead of watching mind-numbing regular TV programming, patients are given useful information about their upcoming treatments and the facility they are being treated in. 

Although Region Hovedstaden is a public health care provider, it is deeply concerned about patient satisfaction. Patients are surveyed every year about their satisfaction with the system, and the hope is that the new video system will boost satisfaction ratings in the years to come. 

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