Hotels Using Social Media Setting the Standard

Many companies around the world are using social media to promote their business, keep customers informed, and bring in new customers. Hotels are setting a standard while doing so.

Hotels seem to be the leader in the industry when it comes to using social media. Simply Measured says, “There’s a lot to be learned from how hotel brands are engaging with soon-to-be guests (and current ones) . The top hotel chains have some of the savviest digital presences in the world.” If the hotels are leading the way, then why not follow.

Below are a few things we can learn from them:

  • Hilton Hotels uses Twitter to capitalize on curiosity, and visual stimulation, and they create an immersive experience that their website follows through on; Hilton_Hotel__Webpage
  • Starwood Hotels also uses Twitter to capitalize on curiosity, and visual stimulation;Starwood_Hotels_StarwoodBuzz___Twitter
  • Lowes Hotel stands in the lead by being the first, and only, major hotel chain to support tweet-initiated room booking;LowesHotel_Twitter
  • Hyatt Hotels uses Facebook to conduct market research while it markets; Hyatt_Facebook
  • Marriott Hotels has done a great job of creating its own online community supported by all its social media channels.Marriott_Hotels_Marriott___Twitter

With all the success that the hotels are enjoying, why not start using social media to benefit your business. It may be difficult to apply all of the social media channels, but give one a try, and see if you experience the same success that the hotels do.


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