Hotels Using Social Media Are A Dream Come True

With the influx of social media into every day society, it has become common practice to begin to dream about your next vacation long before you start to actually make any actual plans.  

It might begin with photos from a fHotel_Social_Media_Dream_Come_Trueriend or acquaintance who went somewhere you have always wanted to go.  You look at their photos, and you see pictures of the quaint or luxurious hotel they stayed in while they were there. Then you look up the hotel to see if they have a social media presence, because you want to get a closer look at what the hotel has to offer.  

Hotels using social media have the inside track with the dreamers.  They follow a hotel at a destination they are considering on the internet long before they begin to plan their trip.  They check through the hotels amenities online, read reviews and find out what types of services will be available to them while they are staying there.  These are the savvy travelers. 

Keeping an up to date schedule of the events at your hotel on your internet platforms allows more people to see what is going on.  You will bring in more customers simply by being pro-active.  Friends going to an event at your hotel will tell their friends via social media, and that will spark interest via the ripple effect.  

Using social media as a marketing tool is a win/win strategy for an internet  culture.  More and more people are becoming internet literate, and tapping into that market brings with it a wide cross-section of potential new customers. 

Not only is your social media presence important but so is your first impression. Once prospects decide to call in you want to professional unified voice. 

Use the Slideshare Below to Illustrate a Unified First Impression. 





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