Hospitals Targeting Their Audience Using Video

Your hospital should implement the use of video as a part of your social media marketing strategy to capitalize on the massive opportunity to engage online visitors and drive new traffic to your website. However, there are specific things you want to think about.


Make your site more helpful and interesting to visitors. And, most essentially, videos will help viewers make a personal connection with your hospital and physicians. Posting short physician introductions or tours of pediatric floors or maternity rooms demonstrates in an exceedingly powerful way that you genuinely care about the patient experience. If you are not yet utilizing YouTube in your online medical marketing, or you would like to expand in this direction, you should consider the following tips and insights to engage your target audience.


What makes your hospital stand out from your competitors? Is it the high standards for patient care or your range of services? Have you received any high physician ratings or awards? Do you practice a few of the most recent procedures? You should emphasize whatever aspects are essential to you through your site, social channels, your Message On Hold and in your videos. Any of these factors above for hospital “differentiation” should be added.

Cross Promote for Better Reach

Cross promotion is important since you don’t want to find yourself going unnoticed in a crowd.   Be sure your website is linked to your YouTube Channel.  Turn around and point your Twitter stream to your YouTube channel.  Post your YouTube videos on Facebook, and so forth. Having a cross promoting strategy will help you to get all your ‘public faces’ out there.  Not to mention, integrating all your areas of reach will provide you with a synergistic power of better effectiveness.

Show Your Hospital Off

Show off your hospital. Do you have high-tech equipment and patient rooms that are state of the art? Has your hospital been updated or renovated? Show people your features and renovations and what you can offer them. Highlight anything that will make your hospital stand out over others.

Hospitals using video have a far better chance of reaching out to online viewers and showcasing what their features and services have to offer.  Even though in emergency situations, patients are more likely to run to a hospital that is closer to them, for non-emergency visits, it is better to get inside the minds of your ‘potential’ patients ahead of time.  This way they will be more inclined to drive a little further to your hospital rather than the closest one to them.


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