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Holiday Phone Greetings: Message On Hold

The holidays are just around the corner. As a business, it’s time to start thinking about special hours and company parties. Let’s not forget the focus of any business –  clients. When it comes to Message On Hold, use music that reminds callers why this time of year is so special, let them know about disruptions to hours, and most important of all spread best wishes to your customers! Don’t be a Grinch! 


There are lots of ways to deliver your message and spread some holiday cheer. You could send cards, ecards, egreetings, and even a video, but that can get costly. Why not utilize a tool clients who are calling your business experience regularly? You wouldn’t be disrupting the average call, it would just be an additional “Thank you” to let clients who call know that you’re wishing them well! This type of courtesy can be easily extended using a Message On Hold program.  

On Hold programs can be as customized or as generic as you want. The beginning of any program starts with the music.  From traditional music to new remixed hip hop songs! We have it all available in our music library.

Music plays a vital role in this season. You’ll want to select your music carefully, as it has a high impact on clients.  According to the Psychology Today Blog recent research shows classical holiday music evokes nostalgia. Nostalgia has proven to elevate positive moods and help people feel better about themselves. Therefore, classical holiday music would be a good choice for any business that sees extended hold times due to the season.

Don’t want a religious based program? No problem, we have non-religious music that can be paired to wish any caller a happy and healthy New Year. An album to review in our “Holiday” music category would be Seasons Greetings. The music is reminiscent of traditional music, but with a twist. Some of our favorite songs of this Album are “Retail Wonderland,” “The World of Joy,” and “Happy New Year.”  

Whether it’s nonreligious or religious music being played, your business could profit either way. Lisa Cavanaugh a Professor in Marketing with the University of Southern California states in a test that ” When religious Christmas music is played, people, religious or not, were more likely to spend money on others. When non-religious (secular) Christmas music is played, people are more likely to spend money on themselves.”

If you wanted callers to spend more money on others you may seriously consider playing religious seasonal music. We have songs like that, too! We’d recommend checking out the Christmas Collection Album. Memorable songs off this popular album include songs such as “Silent Night,” “Silent Night- Choir,” “Hark the Herald,” and “A Theme for The Season.”

Once you have your music selected get working on creating a one of a kind greeting to put into your program. Wish callers a happy New Year and extend best wishes to their family! It doesn’t have to stop there.  Are you a restaurant or in hospitality? Don’t forget to promote yourself for one of the busiest times of the year! Mention available banquet rooms-perfect for company gatherings, special menus, and how to inquire about booking a party! Maybe you’re a general business and you are closing the office for a few days to celebrate. Be sure to mention it in your message.

It’s key to keep clients informed about what’s happening around the New Year and keep them happy and in a positive mood. This season presents a great opportunity to tell callers how much you appreciate them and thank them for their loyalty. Don’t miss the opportunity to share your sentiments and season greetings with all your callers. Everyone wants to know they are appreciated, especially around this time of year.  

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