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Healthcare Marketing: 6 Ways to Reuse Message On Hold

As a healthcare provider there is a ton of information to be shared such as: medical innovations, disease prevention, and seasonal tips. A great way to share this content with patients is by utilizing your Message On Hold script and audio recordings. Patients who are on hold are a captive audience and are willing to listen. 

The content that is shared during hold time should be used throughout your marketing. Once your Message On Hold program is created the content can be used in other marketing and customer service channels, as a valuable way to make content more engaging and effective. Let’s discuss how your hold script and audio can be carried out throughout all your marketing channels.

reuse message on hold dr office.jpgVideo-

Your hold script can be easily broken up into topics. Once you have your topics and supporting information these can be turned into videos. These videos can be shared socially with relevant hastags to gain followers and share knowledge while promoting your healthcare practice. Videos are efficient because they help to reach a large audience, they can be viewed on a mobile device, desktop, or even tv.

The audio from the on hold recording can be segmented and used as the voiceover track for your video. Be sure to include the on hold script text, so it can be used for closed captioning for those watching on the phones without headphones and older viewers. With more and more companies utilizing videos it has become easier for companies to create quality videos at a fair and reasonable cost.

Social Media Posts-

Not only can your videos be shared as social posts, but your script can also be broken up into educational social media posts. These social posts can then be used throughout the entire year. When scheduling your social posts be sure that you share them with GIFS and pictures to maximize interaction.

Below is an example of a script excerpt for National Handwashing Awareness Week, that can be shared socially. 

Healthcare social post example.png

If your practice has a blog on their website with relevant information in a blog, you can link to them. Be sure that you are also interacting with relevant professionals in the field. Social media is all about sharing information and interacting.  


Chat Bots-

Chatbots are the future! One day, we’ll be able to order Taco Bell using a chatbot… imagine the possibilities. A chatbot can be used on the practice website. When a visitor is on your website the chatbot can share helpful information taken from your on hold script. Chatbots can also be used to request appointments. Chatbots may not be the best option for every practice, but they can be a good way to assist patients after your practice has closed.



Email seasonal newsletters to keep patients informed, and keep your practice top of mind. Your Message  on Hold script topics can be used to dictate the content in your email. Once your patients see your email they may remember that they wanted to make an appointment. When they call to request the appointment, or maybe visit your website and chat with a bot; they’ll be met with information similarly to what they read.

Your email newsletter doesn’t just have to include information only content from your script. Share pictures of staff in the office. If you recently had a celebration be sure to include pictures. Sharing staff pictures will put readers at ease and allow them to feel more comfortable next time they are in the office. It can also be a great conversation started when someone comes in for their appointment and recognizes a staff member from a recent email!

healthcare marketing message on hold.jpg

Brochures & Mailers-

Every good healthcare marketing campaign utilizes both digital and printed channels. Depending on your target patients, you may want to consider sending out mailers or brochures. The topics for these printed materials can be taken from your Message on Hold script. Do go sending patients an encyclopedia of information. Try to keep the content of your mailers and brochures simple and to the point – similar to the email newsletter. If patients receive an abundance of information on one topic they could feel overwhelmed and throw it out.

Virtual Tours 

Virtual Tours are videos that cane be used on your website to showcase what differentiates your facility from others. When you add professionally produced audio to your virtual tour, you have the opportunity to show and tell. Since Message On Hold content is written to tell callers about your business, it can transition perfectly to your virtual tour. You can match each room or scene of your tour with a relevant portion of your hold program and even add music.

Message On Hold whether using the audio or script content can be used to enhance other aspects of your overall marketing campaign. When using professional scripting and professional voice recording in your marketing it will provide patients with reasurrance, better understanding of the services offered, and overall positive image towards your practice. The power of audio gives you a chance to show and tell what sets your practice apart – don’t miss the opportunity. 



Updated 12/1/2017 

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