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Healthcare: 5 Ways to Celebrate National Doctor’s Day

Healthcare facilities are always busy. Patients coming and going, regularly scheduled treatments, dealing with appointments, and insurance questions. During all the craziness in your office don’t overlook one of the main reasons everybody comes to your office…the doctor! March 30th is National Doctor’s Day. March 30th was chosen because it is the anniversary of the first use of general anesthetic in surgery according to HallmarkCheck out these creative marketing ideas to celebrate National Doctor’s Day at your healthcare facility using video, blogs, podcasts, and Message on Hold.

VideoDoctor Discussing Chart with Patient.jpg

Put together a video of your physician using B-Roll from the office. This doesn’t have to be a long video. You don’t want the video to be based only on the physician but on the culture of the office. Add pictures to it too if you recently had celebrations. You can then share this video on your social media accounts and post it on your website!

Write a Blog

If your office has a blog, you should have a special spotlight on the Doctors. Discuss the background of the doctors, recent awards, volunteer time donated, and what made them choose this profession. If you want to make the blog a little less serious ask them some relaxed questions like their most embarrassing moment. Do a brief and fun interview with each doctor at the practice.



These blogs could even be podcasts if you prefer! Make sure you let people know you’re spotlighting the doctor’s as a celebration of National Doctor’s day! You can then share this post socially and link to it from your website.

On Hold

Make sure your Message on Hold program discusses the doctors too. While your patients are waiting on hold to schedule an appointment let them know who they are seeing. Once again don’t be afraid to discuss the doctor’s background. Share some interesting info like education but be sure to keep it light with hobbies the doctors may have outside of work. You can also use your Message on Hold program to invite patients to any celebrations you may be having for National Doctor’s Day.

Doctor chatting with staff.jpgGratitude Cards

As March 30th begins to approach, have patients’ complete cards, or write on tiny pieces of paper with sentiments of gratitude and thanks. The cards can then be collected and input into binder. If your office had chosen to use the tiny papers you can collect them in a jar. These gifts can be shared with the doctors on National Doctor’s Day at the party or celebration your office chooses to have. This is a great way to keep patients involved and invite them to your party!

Office Celebrations

Use the day as a time to celebrate around the office with staff, doctors, and patients. Have everyone in the office where the same color and have a catered lunch! Take pictures of everyone in the office celebrating. Get a cake for the doctors and invite your patients to come celebrate with you too!

Regardless, how you celebrate on March 30th be sure to do something. Celebrating small events in your office is important to keep up staff morale and to keep your patients involved. Whatever your office does to celebrate make sure to take pictures and share them socially, so everyone can enjoy!





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