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Expanding Business Using Multilingual Marketing

Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone on the planet spoke the same language? Marketing to a global audience requires breaking language barriers.  As an expanding business, it’s important that your customer support system and marketing materials are consistent. As an expanding business you can’t sell a product to clients who use another language without also offering foreign-language support.

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Multilingual Business Recordings

Multilingual customers shouldn’t have to deal with poor quality. Create voice prompts and audio voiceovers that are professional and easy to understand because they’re recorded by native speakers. These voice prompts can be used to funnel callers to a company representative who can speak in the necessary language. Whether you need customer service call center prompts or voiceovers for your video marketing materials, it’s always best to have the voice of native speakers than some silly web translation. 

Video Voiceovers

The process for having new audio added to videos is easy.  With a script or transcription of your video, you can create a logical and accurate written translation. Speakers record voice-only files to replace the existing vocal tracks on your video.  This is a great way to create training, and user support videos.

Videos now have the capability to be translated easier. YouTube recently created new features that help to simplify the process of inserting multilingual content. With these new features title and description can be easily added in other languages but, will have to be translated manually.  There is also the option to insert your translated channel information.  Check out the below video for more information.


Message On Hold Recordings

When you call a business and are waiting for a customer service representative, Message On Hold recordings can help customers serve themselves. As an expanding business it is understood that there will be hold time. You can help lessen the hold time by providing callers answers to commonly asked questions or directing them to your web help portal using your Message On Hold recordings.  

Providing callers secondary contact information such as email or the ability to live chat gives them the choice of how best to contact you. This can also save your company money by filtering away the customers who don’t really need help from a live operator. Offering multilingual Message On Hold recordings is vital to cutting the wait times for your bilingual support staff. Additional options lets you better suit the caller’s needs and implies that you know their time is valuable. 

Launching Multilingual Marketing

It doesn’t do any good to provide services and products to a new customer base if you can’t provide support in their language.  Convert your existing marketing materials into other languages, so you can maximize your marketing and customer experience efforts. 



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