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Evergreen Audio: Recycle Your Message on Hold Audio for Video

Having to create professional recordings for your business can be time consuming and expensive. Typically, these scripts are used once in a Message On Hold and never heard again, but why not recycle the script content and reuse it on other mediums? Why not find multiple ways to use them? Discovering how audio scripts can be recycled takes only a little imagination and creativity. Let us provide you with a simple springboard for your consideration.

Evergreen audio recycle message on hold audio for video.jpgThe average Message On Hold program includes company history, awards, mission, core values, and company news. The Message On Hold program should not be the only place to proudly boast your company accomplishments. Similar to how you may use an eBook to create several social media posts, why not do the same for your Message On Hold program. Creating good content can be time consuming which is why it should not only be used once. Below are some suggested videos that can utilize recycled audio from your hold message.


Think about that 15 second audio clip on your hold program, proudly boasting about the accolades your company has received over the years. If you close your eyes, you can probably visualize the moments those awards were received. You may even have photos of the events, and group photos of the people who made it happen. Can your customers do the same? Why not illustrate the story for your followers? By combining this 15 second recording with a slide show of the photographs, you’ve created a short social media clip. Not only can this be used on your social media pages to brag, but it can be strategically placed onto your “contact us” landing page. Why not invite your customers to get to know your company better? Not only that, what better way to further acknowledge your teams’ efforts than by publicly applauding their success?

Virtual Tour

 Virtual tours can be informative for people within the Hospitality industry such as a nursing home or a hotel. On hold programs for such companies typically discuss property details. For example, on hold programs may mention the number of rooms, give specific detail on what each room includes, and discuss property details. This on hold audio about the property can easily be recycled to fit with a short video about the spacious property surrounding the hotel. 


Are you looking to create interactive content for the holidays? If your company creates a holiday hold program, why not reuse it? Take a short clip of your companies’ holiday party and add the recording to it. You can also take a simple photo and add the audio. Interactive content will grab the attention of your audience and can be used in emails to spice up the content. 


And what about your FAQ recordings? Combining the professional recordings with relevant video helps you reach more customers. Your target audience is likely to have several visual learners in your customer pool who would appreciate being able to see, as well as hear, the answer to their question. They can be used on your FAQ page, in addition to your social media sites.


Even the recording giving directions to your office can serve a double purpose when placed over a video showing your office building, surrounding buildings, and landmarks they will encounter when traveling to your business.

These ideas are just the beginning to how professional recordings can be recycled. The ability to recycle content is an important tool for businesses today. Give your Message On Hold multiple purposes and you will multiply the return on your investment. Videos are a great way to boast engagement. They can be used on social media, landing pages, in emails. and on blogs. They allow you to share company moments and events with your audience. If a prospect is unsure of whether to proceed with their purchase sometimes seeing interactive content that puts a face to the company is all they need to reinforce the purchase.


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