Enhance Customer Experience at Your HealthCare Facility

Many hospitals and clinics believe that their patients don’t care about much aside from the doctor and staff they interact with, but this isn’t an accurate perception. In reality, patients choose a healthcare facility the same way they choose to shop at a typical retail store. The overall impression of the establishment, the experience of waiting for service, and how well they understand the processes they go through, all play a part in whether they will come in and whether they will return. Therefore, it’s a good idea for healthcare operations to think of the entire customer experience rather than to focus solely on what happens inside of the examination room.


Long waits and confusion are issues that many patients find frustrating. One way to make the wait more palatable and reduce confusion is to show a series of videos in the waiting room. These videos can cover aspects of the healthcare process that often need to be explained, such as how insurance companies are billed, options for getting help paying for prescriptions, why doctors want follow-up visits even after patients feel fine, when to schedule appointments for shorter waiting times, and other questions that a patient will have.

When a medical office is specialized, the options for videos increase. Condition-specific explanations and tips will be welcomed by patients waiting to see a specialist, especially if they cover things that the patients are unlikely to remember to ask the doctor once they get in. More-generalized offices can use videos to give tips for improving overall health, avoiding contagious diseases, and dealing with common health problems.

It doesn’t take a huge production budget to make videos that will help improve the customer experience at healthcare facilities. While it’s possible to go for a full video production, more affordable videos can be produced using voice-overs with printed words or animation rather than live screen actors. This allows even small clinics to gain the benefits of professional video production without busting the budget.

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