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Customer Service Message on Hold Tips


Holdcom provides message on hold and IVR services for diverse industries with various business cultures, from food vendors to call centers; for the common thread that holds conflating industries together is their need to have professional content and communications services. Our client relations department has worked with many individuals who approach message on hold technology from different angles, and we adjust our customer service strategies to meet their specific requirements.

Occasionally Holdcom encounters a client who, for some reason or another, is hesitant about interacting with emerging technologies. Though we have phased out older technology like cassette tapes and flash media cards, clients that are accustomed to this physical media solution rarely want to change to virtual solution such as mp3 downloadable files.

One way we handle this situation is by co-operating and sending the physical flash drive, though this makes adds additional expense for the drive and shipping and delivery time. For some clients who are eligible, we can offer to swap out equipment, upgrading their system, facilitating future uploads and maintenance.

It is important not to push your customer into a solution they are not comfortable with – ultimately; customer service that listens and responds to feedback is more helpful than customer service that imposes. Clients will more likely spread praise about your company if it is responsive.