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Customer Experience & Pokémon GO

With all the news and excitement around the success and popularity of Pokémon Go, you may not recall it started as a humble card game back in the 1990’s. It wasn’t your average game. This game included capturing mythical creatures and battling your friends.  The game was simply called Pokémon.  Now updated for smart phones as an app, Pokémon Go isn’t exactly the same game that we all remember. Pokémon GO has evolved to meet current times. Being called a “free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game… released in July 2016” according to Wikipedia. There are mixed reviews about the evolved game, but there are valuable elements that can used to enhance the customer experience


It’s important as a business to constantly be monitoring the customer experience. If Pokémon GO didn’t evolve to become the app that it is now, then it would have just stayed as a memory. The kids who played the card game are mostly in their mid-twenties and obsessed with their cellphones. Pokémon GO was able to evolve the game to fit the needs of that previous audience and it worked!

As a business, evolving isn’t much different. To constantly evolve is to keep your product alive and keep your clients on their toes.  You first need to know what the personas of your clients are and how they prefer to interact with your brand.  Then try to relate your product/ service to them in a way they are most comfortable. If they want to only be emailed information, then only email them. If they want to call a number, type in an account number to receive their information – let them do so. Some questions to ask yourself are: How do clients typically get new information from your business? As a business, it should be routine to regularly monitor phone system to make sure it’s functioning at optimal performance. For example, is the main menu greeting targeted towards your highest call inquires? If someone is calling to pay a bill will they need to go through 12 menus to see what the standing of their account is? Should a client need to call to get this information or should it be accessible online using an app or an email?   Once you’ve evaluated how clients want to receive their information you’re onto the next step.


Make the experience customizable based on user preferences. As mentioned above you should know your audience and tailor the experience to them. In Pokémon GO you’re able to create your own customizable avatar when you begin. The avatar is then shown on the screen as you travel to catch more Pokémon. Similarly, your clients should have the ability to customize their experience to best fit their needs. If clients prefer to get a text message to confirm an appointment, then they should have the ability to do so. The more customized the experience the more likely a client is to see your brand in a positive light and refer you to friends and family!{{cta(‘6fdab8e7-48f0-4c27-8403-a04a575dce98′,’justifyright’)}}


We aren’t living in the world of cassettes and CD players any longer, they were left in the 90’s along with Pokémon cards. The whole idea of Pokémon GO is that it can be played wherever you are!  Not only can you take Pokémon GO with you anywhere but it interacts with your surroundings. For example, if you are running low on supplies you can stop by any nearby PokéStop and refill. The GPS on your phone allows the game to know where you are so that the game can mirror your environment. The idea of any great customer experience it to make your service/product as convenient to the user or buyer as possible. 

If a buyer wants to pick up an item at a location nearby, they should have the ability to. Users should have the ability to receive the necessary data when, where, and how they need it.  The more convenient the experience with a brand the more likely costumers will be to purchase an item again. 

Companies should consistently be evaluating the customer experience and who their customers are. Knowing what is most popular with your customers will allow you to create an appropriate interaction between your brand and the consumer. Make brand interactions customizable based on the client’s needs no matter when or where they may be. Whether your client interactions are over the phone, through an online chat, app, or text message – it needs to meet the customer’s changing needs. In a way, marketing is a lot like Pokémon – we are all trying to NOT just catch as many customers as we can, but keep them as well! 


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