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Connecting with Patients: Hospitals Using Video

One of the most difficult parts of the hospital experience is waiting.  You want the patients and their families to know that they will receive responsible, compassionate care.  But there is so little time to sit and patiently explain critical decisions and procedures to every single patient and family. They see professionals hurry about, but they may not realize that these individuals are focused on important tasks. The patient and their family sit, confused, worried and sometimes even angry. 

Connecting-with-Patients_Hospitals-Using-VideoThere is a better way to make the inactive, nerve-wracking time of waiting instructive.  Many hospitals using video have found that valuable information about the facility and the staff can address patient and family concerns and make them feel more at ease in the hospital setting. Video is a way for them to see beyond those doors that they are forbidden to enter.  The hospital videos can explain procedures and walk patients and family through the steps of intake and care.  They can see profiles of caregivers, and follow a patient through treatment. They can learn about the responsibilities of different departments in the hospital and understand why they or their loved one move from one area of the hospital to another. Patients and families can see how even though it doesn’t seem like anyone knows they are even there, the hospital is monitoring every step of their care.  Simple, but necessary information– the location of the chapel, or cafeteria, or where family can enter the hospital after closing hours– can be clearly explained.  Informative videos can make patients and their families feel like they are a part of a team.

Contact us so that we can help develop a program for your hospital The calm assurance that patients have when they feel well cared for is invaluable. Hospitals using videos can help provide this peace of mind. And cooperative patients and families allow the hospital staff to focus on the healing work they do best. 

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