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How to Choose the Perfect Voice Over for Your Video Production

How to choose the perfect voice for your video productionWhen you’re creating a video production for your business, there are two main areas of focus: Visuals and Audio. The visuals come naturally to most. You might feature on-screen talent, show charts and statistics, or share photos. The audio is often a bit trickier to get right. Background music for videos is very important, but so is the voice that’s being used to describe or explain the content. Too often, online marketing videos rely only on music and visuals; the spoken word is neglected or completely omitted, which means marketing departments have completely missed an opportunity to efficiently and effectively share quality content with online viewers. 

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4 Online Video Ideas to Improve Customer Service Strategies

Videos Ideas for Customer ServiceIf you have a business, you have customers. If you have customers, they have questions. No matter what you sell, do, or offer, someone will need to ask you something about it. And when the time comes, you and your staff will have to provide them with an appropriate answer. Just as there are many ways for today’s consumer to ask questions (email, telephone, social media, in person), there are also many ways for questions to be answered. One way businesses are answering client’s questions today is with video. Whether it’s a longer production or a short clip, video allows you to answer questions in concise, yet elaborate, ways. Here are some ways to improve your customer service strategies with videos:

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7 Tips for Speaking On-Camera in Marketing Videos

7 Tips from a director for giving on camera interviewsThere are many different kinds of online marketing videos. In some, you’ll use actors to show a creative concept. In others, you might use a voice over talent to explain a concept. In additional videos, you might even feature your own staff and management. Each of these video types has its pros and cons, but when you’re using “regular’ people – instead of actors (or voice actors!) – there are some additional considerations to ensure you have a great final product.

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6 Tips for Making Better Vine Videos

Vine Video TipsVine is the new kid on the social media block. The app allows users to create 6-second videos about anything, then share them within the app and on other social media sites, especially Twitter. (Think of it as the 140-character approach to video production). Plus, videos made on Vine can be embedded on web pages and blogs.