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Hold Time is Valuable Time

Let’s face it, when a company puts you on hold, sometimes it’s annoying.

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Should I Use Superlatives in My on Hold Messages?

“We offer the greatest customer service.” “Our business is dedicated to using the latest technology.” “We’re the best.” These are the kind of superlatives that, when not supported by factual evidence and used with on hold messages, can really turn off customers. When creating any kind of on hold communication content, it’s always tempting to use one of these statements. It’s easy to say,”We’re the most dedicated to customer service” or “our company is number one in our industry”…but for your on hold marketing programs, is this the best option? 

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The Importance of Message on Hold [Infographic]

While you’re ramping up your Internet and social media budget, don’t forget that many of your best customers or would be customers still reach you on the phone. How are you addressing that? 

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Spending All of 2013 Waiting On Hold

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6 Ways Professional on Hold Messages Help Improve Your Image

reflection in car mirror image enhancing on hold messages 136511452Adding a professional Message On Hold program to your phone system is an easy way to improve the image of your business. It helps you make a great first impression and helps your customers get valuable sales and service information. Here are 6 ways a professional on hold message can help improve your image:



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#OnHold Fails and Wins to Brighten Your Day

Have you ever searched for #onhold on Twitter? It’s one of my favorite activities… and it’s not because I work for a company that produces on hold messages, it’s because the #onhold content is some of the funniest, silliest Twitter fodder out there. Here are some on hold fails:

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New Apple Patent Could Help Your On Hold Experience

While Message On Hold programs are the traditional way to share content with people waiting on hold, but  one of Apple’s latest patents is seeking to change the way we interact with our friends – and potentially businesses – on hold.

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How To Write a Message on Hold Program Script

How to Write a Message On Hold Program 170210204 [Converted]Are you afraid to “get your hands dirty” and write your own Message On Hold program? Are you wondering where to start when crafting your Message On Hold script? A lot of our clients struggle with writing their Message On Hold program.

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Think Like a Marketer: A/B Test Your Message on Hold Program

apple and orange on a scale to show a/b testing Message On HoldIs your Message On Hold program as effective as possible? How do you know? What have you done to ensure your on hold marketing is helping to produce results? If you haven’t run any tests to see if your Message On Hold is working for you, you might be missing out on an opportunity to make your on hold content even better. 

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Healthcare Marketing: 6 Ways to Reuse Message On Hold

As a healthcare provider there is a ton of information to be shared such as: medical innovations, disease prevention, and seasonal tips. A great way to share this content with patients is by utilizing your Message On Hold script and audio recordings. Patients who are on hold are a captive audience and are willing to listen. 

The content that is shared during hold time should be used throughout your marketing. Once your Message On Hold program is created the content can be used in other marketing and customer service channels, as a valuable way to make content more engaging and effective. Let’s discuss how your hold script and audio can be carried out throughout all your marketing channels.