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Does Video Quality Affect Video Shareability?

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Spending All of 2013 Waiting On Hold

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Pimp My Phone System: How to Make Your Phone Work Like an Employee

Pimp My Phone System - IVR announcements and Message On hold technologyDo you remember that MTV show, Pimp My Ride? The basic premise was taking old, beat up cars and transforming them into beautiful, technology-infused, high-performance machines. They were some seriously “tricked out” cars.

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Think Like a Marketer: A/B Test Your Message on Hold Program

apple and orange on a scale to show a/b testing Message On HoldIs your Message On Hold program as effective as possible? How do you know? What have you done to ensure your on hold marketing is helping to produce results? If you haven’t run any tests to see if your Message On Hold is working for you, you might be missing out on an opportunity to make your on hold content even better. 

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6 Ways Music In Stores Can Boost Sales

6 Ways Music In Stores Can Help Boost SalesMusic is an undeniably powerful way to change the environment in your venue. By using overhead music in your store, you have an opportunity to boost sales by engaging your customers. Audio is powerful because it can’t be ignored – while customers can overlook imagery, they can’t prevent themselves from hearing what’s going on around them. You can close your eyes, but you can’t turn off your ears.

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IVR Script Examples to Improve Caller Navigation

Your IVR or Auto Attendant system is like the front door of your business – it’s the first thing people see and the first impression callers get. Not only is it the first impression, but a crucial part of your customer experience. When coupled with well-written voice prompts, the system helps callers navigate your phone system and reach an agent efficiently. A poorly constructed phone system can lead to caller frustration and aggravation. 

We’ve gathered some popular Auto Attendant script examples to illustrate how a clear and concise script should look. Check out these scripts below and learn what makes them so efficient when communicating with callers.  

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4 Online Video Ideas to Improve Customer Service Strategies

Videos Ideas for Customer ServiceIf you have a business, you have customers. If you have customers, they have questions. No matter what you sell, do, or offer, someone will need to ask you something about it. And when the time comes, you and your staff will have to provide them with an appropriate answer. Just as there are many ways for today’s consumer to ask questions (email, telephone, social media, in person), there are also many ways for questions to be answered. One way businesses are answering client’s questions today is with video. Whether it’s a longer production or a short clip, video allows you to answer questions in concise, yet elaborate, ways. Here are some ways to improve your customer service strategies with videos:

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Customer Service Tips for a Successful 2013

Customer Service Tips We’re a month into the new year, which is the perfect time for some quick tips for providing excellent customer service. No matter what business or industry you’re in – from freelancer to enterprise – there’s always room to improve customer service strategies. Here are our tips for ensuring great service as the year progresses: