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Skyrocket the Customer Experience with Video and Sound


Many companies think of the customer experience as something that only relates to what goes on inside their stores. In reality, this is just one part of a much bigger picture. Now, potential customers often go online before ever stepping foot into a retail store, and some of them never physically visit at all. Instead, they buy their items online or over the phone. This makes it extremely important to be sure that people who use the web or the phone to do business still have a great experience dealing with the company. Of course, the physical location shouldn’t be neglected either. Here are a few ideas for enhancing customer experience online, over the phone, and in the bricks-and-mortar store:

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How Great Customer Service Boosts Customer Experience

Every business knows that the customer experience aspect of their business has to be top-notch, but few businesses actually achieve this. Outstanding customer service will ensure that your customers’ experience is one that they will never forget. Stick to a couple of key points, and your customers will walk away happy every time:

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Customer Experience Contributes to Healthcare Facility Wellness

While few people might actually characterize a healthcare facility as a branded industry, they must admit that health care is a high-dollar business. As such, it competes for customers the way any company would: branding, advertising and improving the customer experience. Advertising a health care facility makes sense in light of competing hospitals and clinics, and branding is important to get customers to seek out your facility for specific needs, but improving customer experience is vital for customer retention.

From the  first phone contact you have with the customer ( which may be an automated greeting) to the day he pays his bill, you must see every contact as an opportunity to advance your brand. That means delivering the best customer experience possible. That greeting voice, for example ( friendly, but professional, clear enunciation) may be customized to fit your image. ThinkstockPhotos-100820879

Consider the waiting room experience. Too often patients browse years-old magazines for what seems like an eternity until their names are called. Your facility, though, can play an informational video. If you have a men’s health facility, you might think about sports injuries content. A women’s clinic might customize its video to reflect women’s health issues. ELearning for patients facing surgical procedures is easily delivered through video content, too. Videos may address how the facility handles billing and insurance claims or what Medicare and/or Medicaid will pay. Ninety-eight per cent of doctors surveyed believe their bills give clear instructions about how and when to pay. Twenty  per cent of their patients say they didn’t even know where to send their payments. Of course, face-to-face patient contact is vital, but facilities that use technology to keep patients engaged and to educate them have an advantage in patient (consumer) loyalty.

An article on the Health Care Success website asserts that more than 70 per cent of people in any business who take their business elsewhere do so because they feel the company is indifferent to them. Every contact is a chance to make patients/customers feel they are important to the facility.

Patients get frustrated with long waits when calling to talk to their doctors; even ( and especially) if they cannot talk to a person, they benefit from respectful audio messages that may answer their questions and, if not, allow them to leave messages.  Concise, clear instructions are important.

If you would like to know more about how customized audio greetings and video presentations can provide the best customer experience possible for your patients contact us. We can help you build an experience that your patients will see as a valuable tool in achieving wellness and as a reason to return to your facility in the future.

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The Right Choice in Music Can Lead to More Efficient Business

While the old train of thought was to keep customers in your store longer to increase a chance of purchase, a keen observer of how their business works will notice that isn’t always true. Often it’s more a case of the customers speed in moving through a store. In that area, selecting the right overhead business music can help you make the customers experience more efficient without sales decreasing.


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How to Elevate Your Personal Brand and Increase Customer Engagement

Breaking down the Perfect Profile Photo 162542964-425268-edited

Getting face to face sure has changed in the age of social networking.  Whether you entered social networks with a purpose or you sort of found yourself there serendipitously, it’s pretty clear by now your profile picture is being judged. Whether we like it or not, our profile picture quality reflects the quality of our work. Take control of those first impressions and make sure your photo is projecting the right image about you and your brand. Having a perfect profile photo can put your viewers at ease and increase engagement. 

Before we break down how to take a quality photo, the most important aspect of your profile picture is to understand its intent.  Consider the network you’re sharing it on and how you wish to be perceived there.  It may seem obvious that your LinkedIn photo should be more professional than a Facebook photo, but what if you use Facebook for business?  How authentic do you really want to be? If you’re in a creative field, you may have more latitude when it comes to being original with your photo, but in the end it reflects who you are.

The Basics

A profile picture should feature “YOU”.  Avoid group shots or awkwardly cropped photos which have extraneous arms or objects spilling out of frame. Keep it professional. You may have rocked that outfit on Thanksgiving, but the red solo cup is not helping.  And don’t even THINK about taking a selfie.

From a technical stand point the most important things to consider are lighting, background and pose.

  1.  Lighting – If you’re not using a professional photographer, natural light should work best to provide enough light while making the image look warm and inviting. The trick here is just the right amount of light.  Avoid strong light that will cast harsh shadows.  Find a location and shooting angle for the softest light and softest shadows. 
  2. Background – Just because the loading dock has the right light, doesn’t mean anyone wants to see the dumpster in the background.  Try to get ample space between you and the background. Something with texture might work well, but remember you should be the focal point.
  3. Pose – Avoid the sorority “skinny arm” and be sure to angle your body about 45 degrees away from the camera, while keeping your head facing the camera.  Try a few different poses and angles to find the one that is the most flattering.

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Podcast: Does Background Music Improve Customer Experience?

The customer experience begins with the first interaction of your brand or organization. If your customers are engaging with your company in a physical space, like a store, restaurant or waiting area their experience will be positively or negatively impacted by the quality of the environment.  Is the presentation of your setting favorable?  Is it clean and inviting?  Does it have visual interest that’s engaging like digital signage or decor reflective of your image? Are you using sound to elevate the customer experience? 

By evaluating your venue from all aspects and making positive adjustments, you will improve the customer experience.  An often overlooked element of customer experience is background music and the role it plays in how well a customer finds their interaction to be.  Choosing appropriate overhead music can have an effect on customer behavior.  Volume, tempo and genre are key factors which have an effect on behavior as found in a study done regarding “Effects of background music on Concentration of workers”.  Be sure to choose a business music service which has the music content to suit your target audience. When done correctly the right overhead music can boost your business.

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How the Right Overhead Music Can Boost Your Business


There are a lot of components to a great business. Great customer service, a great location, and a great product are all key factors in determining the overall success of your business. But one often overlooked feature that can keep customers returning is the right choice of overhead music. From grocery stores to restaurants to calls placed on hold, here are some ways that music can help (or hurt) your business. These ideas come from an article on Business Insider, which references an academic article published in European Journal of Scientific Research

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What You Need to Know to Succeed at Customer Engagement

The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Communication

Email has been around for decades. Today it is one of the prime movers of information and an essential communications tool that epitomizes the transformative power of technology. And yet, as with any tool, its effectiveness is determined by how it is used and what it is used for. This blog will guide you through some of the Do’s and Don’ts of effective email communication.

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Podcast: How do eGreeting Cards Increase Customer Engagement?

As video marketing continues to take top priority on marketers agendas, companies and brands are scrambling to find the resources and funds for this highly engaging and sought after digital content.  

An easy way to get started using video content as part of your marketing strategy is to turn to existing content which can easily be repurposed as video.  Breathe new life into your PowerPoint Presentations and convert them to videos.  Add professional audio and voilà you’ve got yourself a quality piece of video content suited for top-of-the-funnel customer experience.

Audio eGreeting cards are another low cost entry into video marketing.  These timely videos are an effective way to let customers know how much you care. Combine licensed images and music with a carefully crafted message, add your logo and an appropriate call to action and you’re ready to go. Check out the podcast below to learn more about using eGreeting cards to engage your customers.

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The Importance of Message on Hold [Infographic]

While you’re ramping up your Internet and social media budget, don’t forget that many of your best customers or would be customers still reach you on the phone. How are you addressing that?